I Need Help With a Bake Sale.

Discussion in 'Cooking' started by pampam, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. pampam

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    Aug 13, 2003
    What items so you find sell well at bake sales? I don't want to make items that people don't buy. I was thinking of homemade bread, sticky buns and candy. Would it be a selling feature if I had a plate set out with samples of the candy etc? I thought some of the sticky buns could be wrapped individually, and some wrapped as groups of 6. Also, pricing ideas are needed. This sale is to fund a fireworks display in September.
  2. Jedana

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    Feb 27, 2011
    Rice Krispy treats. get creative, do colors, chocolate, dried strawberries, etc.
    Cookies--bundled by 2s or 3s if smaller, or single if large
    Caramel corn, bag in small plastic bags
    a couple of nice looking cakes--sell as a whole
    doughnuts (or sticky buns, in your case) single and by 6
    a couple of pies can't hurt--sell as a whole OR do small, personal sized pies/tarts.

    Candies don't sell really well--at least around here.
    Make sure to wrap everything neatly. Also, keep a list of what goes into each item--you'll get a couple of people with allergy concerns. ;)

    If you arent' doing all the baking yourself, make sure you know what kind of cleanliness the other bakers have in their kitchens. My oldest sister is not the cleanest person in the world, and she donated some items to a bake sale for her kids---they cooled on a dirty counter top--where the cat laid-- and when she packed them up, the dog licked the outside of the packages. :sick: I warned the lady running the sale and the stuff went to the garbage--I just couldn't see taking the chance of someone getting sick.

    I never do a tasting plate. It's a fundraiser, people buy because they want to help, not because they are expecting the ultimate dessert. ;)

    Pricing, well, it depends on how much profit you need and how much you have. I usually do cookies from .50 to $1 (depending if I want to handle change or not and the sizing--large cookies cost more), cupcakes at least $1, caramel corn $1.50-2, whole cakes $10, whole pies $8, small pies $2-3, rice krispy treats $1. These are standard for around here, ymmv.

    We did a bake sale for the band a few years ago, booster fund spent $100 getting the supplies for it. Made back almost $450 (after the $100 investment). Not bad for a 2 day effort on my part, and a 3 hour sale during a so-so basketball game. :upsidedow Out of everything I listed, the caramel corn and the rice krispies got snapped up. I ran out of those about an hour before the sale ended.

    I have a recipe for oven caramel corn--that is the one that was scooped up very quickly, if you want it. Same recipe I use at Christmas. :goodvibes

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