I Need Air!!! Day five

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    Me…29 self professed Disney freak (8th trip to Disney World)
    Matthew…30 loves me despite my Disney freakishness (first trip to Disney World)

    Day Five, Sept 13, 2002…I Need Air!!!

    Ok…I managed to take better notes on this day than I did yesterday…

    Mickey calls again this morning at about 6:30am or so. I swear, that mouse just won’t let anyone sleep!!

    Today was going to be our Animal Kingdom day. Matthew was especially excited to go there. We had watched the special on the Travel Channel in August and he was just so excited about seeing it in person. So I promised him that we would be there at park opening for the “awakening”. We’re both very hungry, but we decide that we’ll get something at the park. We get ready to go very quickly (we are wearing our Mickey and Minnie matching shirts...it's a smaller picture of the old style Mickey and Minnie dancing on the front left upper corner and a bigger one on the back with "we got hitched" writted underneath) and are actually at AK by 7:30am.

    We pull up to the parking gate and wonder why no one else is there! We are the only ones to be found!! Hmmm…we pull up a bit closer and discover that the park opens at 9:00am, not 8:00am as I had previously thought! It’s only 7:30am…neither of us feels like leaving to go anywhere else, so we just sit tight. I was actually kind of excited…I was determined to be the very first person into the parking lot! Matthew thinks that I am totally insane, but he humors me and agrees to wait. It’s now 7:45am and there are quite a few people coming in behind us. They finally open up the gates and lo and behold, we are the first car through the gates! (I know…I am excited by the simplest things) We park the car and walk to the gates.

    It’s now going on about 8:00am. Matthew and I are so very hungry…I’m just not sure that I can wait another hour! And poor Matthew was in desperate need of coffee and there was not a drop to be found! He notices that people are lining up for their PS for Donald’s Breakfastasaurus. He’s thinking out loud and wonders if we could possibly sneak in without a PS to have breakfast. I really wasn’t wanting to spend quite that much for breakfast, but I’m very hungry at this point and agree with him. We hop in line and ask the security guard working there if it would be a problem not having a PS. He checked for us and said it wasn’t! So we join the line and get into the park. Our guide, Neil, is rounding up his group of diners to take them back to the restaurant. He calls our name and notices out hats. He makes a semi-big deal out of us and applauds us for being on our honeymoon. We then begin the trek to the restaurant.

    It was so awesome being in the park before it opened. We got a great picture of the tree with NO ONE in the background!! We made our way to the restaurant listening to Neil point things out here and there. We’re seated, but our section is told to stay seated and he’ll tell us when we can get up to eat. We’re seated right next to the buffet and it’s very hard to remain seated. Neil gets us our drinks and begins referring to me as “Princess”. He called me that throughout our entire meal! (The nickname has stuck since then too ;))

    We still haven’t been released to eat and I’m beginning to get impatient. Until I see why he didn’t want us to get up just yet…the characters were beginning to make their rounds! So we hung out until we had seen all of them…Pluto came by and “licked” both of us…Goofy was there…when Matthew went to take a picture of just me with him, Goofy went to find someone to take a picture of all of us! Donald came by…and last, but not least, Mickey! Mickey was having a “conversation” about how he was glad that he wasn’t married yet…it was really cute. All of the characters loved our hats and made a big deal out of us.

    Finally, we’re told to go ahead and eat. We both thought that the buffet was so much better than the one at Chef Mickey’s. The food was fresh…for a last minute decision to eat there, we were both very happy that we did! It was our favorite character experience. Matthew has decided that that’s where we will take our kids in the future! The character interaction was the best, the service the best, and the food was the best!

    It’s now 9:05am and we’ve missed the awakening…oh well, maybe next time!

    As we bid farewell to Donald, we make our way out and head to the Kilimanjaro Safari. On our way through, we run right into Pooh and friends! I love Eeyore, so we stopped for a picture and autograph. Eeyore likes our hats and gives me lots of hugs. Next was Piglet, same thing…liked our hats, lots of hugs. Then came Pooh. Pooh was a riot. He took Matthew’s hat and put it on himself! It barely covered his right ear! And then was hugging on me and wouldn’t let me go! Matthew got a really good picture of it…Pooh finally surrenders both me and the hat and we move on to Tigger. He loved our hats too! This was the BEST character interaction that I have ever had in all of the times I’ve ever been to WDW!!

    We move on to the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. No wait!! Our safari begins…there were some animals out, but not a lot of them. It was already pretty warm outside. Matthew got some good pictures out of it though. After that, we walk the Pangani Trail and then head out to Conservation Station (now Rafiki’s Planet Watch). Now, I remember that trail from the train depot to the actual building was so much longer…it doesn’t seem near as long anymore. We get inside the station and run into Pocahontas. Take a picture and move on…I drag Matthew into my favorite attraction back here…I can’t remember what it’s called, but you go into the little sound booth and put on head phones and listen to the presentation. Matthew thought it was pretty cool too. I always swear that warthog or whatever it is that comes up and sniffs at you is really there!

    After this, we run into Rafiki and get a picture with both him and Pocahontas. (Matthew was pretty happy…he has a thing for Pocahontas!) After that, we look around a bit and then head back out. We were supposed to stop and buy some shampoo and soap that my dad loves. They only sold it at that gift shop…they don’t sell it anymore!! Very sad…

    We head back out to the train and then into the Safari Village. Matthew decides that we need a lanyard of some sort to hold our key cards. We stop at a little kiosk and he buys one. (I had forgotten to mention until now…we bought a Magical Moments pin when we were at MGM the day before. I had it fastened to my fanny pack but Matthew took it and put it on his lanyard to weight it down…I love that pin!! I found myself getting all excited when it would light up unexpectedly!) Anyway, as we are standing at the kiosk, we realize just how hot and steamy it is outside. Matthew is pretty much ready to leave at this point. I convince him that we at least need to see Asia and Dino land. He agrees and we move towards Asia.

    We both decided long before we had even gotten there that we didn’t want to ride the Kali Rapids ride. We didn’t want to be soaked. So we skip that and wander around for a bit and then head to Dino Land. We ride Dinosaur (I still can’t open my eyes on that!) with very little wait. Matthew wanted to buy the picture, but I tell him no way because you can’t even see my face! So we skip that…We then head over to Primeval Whirl. This was the longest wait we had the entire week! We waited about 10 minutes. It was a cute ride, but very jerky. Every time we turned a corner, it would push Matthew into the bar. It eventually gave him some heartburn issues, believe it or not!

    At this point, we are just about dying from the heat. It’s only noon. We had really wanted to take in the Festival of the Lion King show, but the next one wasn’t due to start for over an hour. So, I made the most brilliant suggestion to date…let’s leave and go to Blizzard Beach. Matthew was all for that! So we left and went to our resort to change.

    We arrive at Blizzard Beach at about 1pm. Matthew has problems with chlorine and his eyes, so we stop and get him some goggles in the gift shop and then head over to get our locker. We then head over to the wave pool. We play in there a bit and Matthew’s ready to tackle Summit Plummet. I wait for him at the bottom, waiting to get a picture of him as he comes down. He waves to me signaling that he’s about to go…I see him start down, snap his pictures, laugh when he gets up because he does what everyone had done…readjusted his wedgie! He said that it was really scary at first, but lots of fun! We then decide to go and float around Cross Country Creek. We make about 2 rounds and then decide to try one of the more tame slides for me. We chose the one raft ride that we could both sit on the inner tube (I can’t remember the name!!). As we were walking up to the slide, carrying the tube, this girl in front of us freaks out. I look down to the ground and there was this snake slithering across the pathway…it freaked me out too! I ran by and waited for Matthew to join me. We make it to the top (that is one exhausting climb!) and ride down. It was really fun! We then decide that we want to do the Teamboat Springs. But this time, we take the chair lift up. That one was really fun!!! It’s now nearing 2:30pm. I had seen a kid walking around with this giant cookie and decided that I wanted one too! So we find the big cookies. I get the cookie and Matthew also gets a giant brownie and a Diet coke. (really healthy, huh) We enjoy our sweet snack, realize that we are both just exhausted, and decide to go back to the room for a brief nap. It’s about 3:00pm.

    We get back to the room, nap, and we’re back up at about 5:00pm. We get up and decide to head to Epcot since this would be the last night we had available to see Tapestry of Dreams. We get ready to go and head out to Epcot. We are hungry, again, and decide to find something at one of the counter service places in the World Showcase. I’m running out of shorts and t-shirts, so we decide to dress up a little. But I’m smart this time…I wear a pair of my sandals that I know won’t hurt my feet!

    We arrive at Epcot at about 6:30pm and immediately head back to the World Showcase. I wanted an egg roll, so we start out on the Mexico side. We hop on the little ride there in Mexico (which we had our very own boat!) and stroll through the shops. Can’t decide on anything I want, so we move on. Don’t see anything that we really want to munch on from the little stand outside, so we move on to Norway. Look through the store…took Matthew’s picture in front of the giant troll…and moved on to China since the Maelstrom was closed. We get to the Lotus Blossom Café and order 2 egg rolls, a diet coke, and Matthew gets some hot and sour soup. He said that the soup was REALLY good and I enjoyed my egg rolls. We then stroll through the stores and Matthew buys me a pretty fan. He wanted to buy me one of the really pretty dresses inside, but I just couldn’t justify spending that much!!

    It’s now nearing 8:00pm, so we stake out our spot for the parade right out in front of China. I like the parade, but it’s very repetitious. After the parade, we start back toward Future World. There was a guy that was taking night time pictures in front of Spaceship Earth. He was on the pathway between the WS and FW. We stopped to have our picture taken…this turned out to be our favorite picture. We needed to kill some time waiting for the picture to be ready, so we ride Spaceship Earth. It was a wonderfully relaxing ride. My favorite part is when you’re coming back down the ball…I love that part…

    After the ride, we go in to the photo place but the picture isn’t ready yet. We’re ready to leave so we make sure that it’ll still be there in the morning since we were coming back. It will be, so we leave and head to Downtown Disney.

    We wanted to make sure that we checked out Disney Quest this trip. We had fun!! The Aladdin virtual game made me sick though…we couldn’t figure out the Jungle Boat ride very well, but we had a blast on the Pirate game! We also enjoyed the Buzz Lightyear game. I was really afraid that we would get hit and cause us to spin around. I wasn’t feeling well from that Magic Carpet game, but I rode it anyway. Matthew drove and I was the shooter. We didn’t get popped once!! We then enjoyed playing a few games that were from our “generation” of video games…Burgertime, Asteroids, etc…after about 2 hours in there, we were getting pretty hungry again. It’s now 11pm and there is nothing open for us to get a quick bite! So we head back to the hotel, hoping that the food court was still open. Matthew tucks me into the car and we head back to the hotel.

    Once at the hotel, we realize that our key cards were missing…AGAIN. Matthew had the lanyard around his neck, but the little clear part that holds the keys was gone. All’s we could think was that it fell off in the parking lot as we were getting into the car because he had them in Disney Quest. We head to the front desk and get replacements with no problems. But we discover that the food court is now closed. Even the pizza delivery is done for the night. Matthew just can’t go to bed this hungry, so we decide to drive off property for our only off site meal.

    We hit Perkins at about 11:30pm. Matthew had a chicken fried steak dinner and I just had chicken strips. I was very, very, very tired by now. We decide to get some muffins to go so that we can have them for breakfast the next morning. Matthew gets a turtle muffin and I get a blueberry muffin. We head back to the hotel, set the wake up call…and crash. It’s 1:00am…

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    Feb 24, 2001
    Boy, I bet you did crash! Y'all packed a lot into a day!!
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  4. Mickey's sunshine

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    May 23, 2000
    Yes, a very very busy day - no wonder you were wiped out when you made it back home. :)
  5. Krissalee

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    Feb 3, 2001
    Long day! I would love to experience the great character interaction you did at AK!
  6. lulubelle

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    Nov 8, 2000
    You poor thing!!! Thank you for sharing so much!:Pinkbounc
  7. yepod

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    Aug 18, 2001
    I know I'm a month late, but I'm catching up!

    I liked your determination to get a good parking spot!

    I had never had them make us wait at Donald's breakfast before!

    This last trip we just got back from, they did the same thing & we got most of the characters taken care of first!

    Thanks for the report!

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