I know nothing about phone cards......


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Dec 15, 1999
We head to DW on Friday so the time is short.
I dislike the phone charges to our bill from the hotel and wonder if anyone knows of any good phone cards.
Where to buy them on short notice like this and how much they cost.
Also I tried to use a phone card several years ago from Dixie Landings and could not get thru with the card........any hints for actually USING the card when I find one?

If you are a member of Sam's Club, I would buy my phone cards there. The price is usually 5.9 cents a minute, but they are coming down in price and are even lower now (I am not exactly sure HOW much they are now though.) You can get them in 350, 500, 1000 minute cards.
We have found these cards very easy to use and we have our DDs use them as often as they can because they are cheaper than using a pay phone and are cheaper than calling from college room phones.
I like the Sam's card because there are really no "hidden fees" (some like to charge you minimum minutes, etc.) except that there is a "surcharge" for using at pay phones (they deduct extra minutes from those actually "used") and this is spelled out in the information on the card.
I cannot tell you for sure if there would be a problem using them in your resort room. I would call the front desk just to clarify. Or I would use a pay phone just to be sure.
Hope that this helps...

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I agree. Sam's Club has the lowest
prices on phone cards with no hidden
costs and I've shopped around quite a

Have a great time.


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Sams has 350 minute phone cards on sale now for $l5.

Great news IF you have a Sams club.

I don't.
I do have Target and Kmart......that's pretty much it. Am hoping one of those will have what I need.
Thanks for your suggestions tho!
:D :D :D.

...a layover in Monroeville??? If so I could take you into my Sam's Club! :)
Sorry that this did not help. Hopefully we will find you another answer...

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Hi! The cards can easily be used at the resorts but the Disney resorts do charge 75 cents per call even though it is a 800 number. Try calling from the parks or food courts.
Monroeville? OMG, that's where I was born!!!

I agree....Sams Club is the way to go. 5.9 cents a minute is a very good rate. I was also able to get a phone card through my supermarket (Acme) for 6.5 cents per minute. Hopefully this helps?

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COSTCO is also very good 480 minutes for $19.99 Like Sams it has no hidden fees.

Debi--double check your card, some cards charge extra for the first minute (not just from a pay phone) or a monthly fee deducted from your card. COSTCO AND SAMS only charge a pay phone surcharge, no other fees.
Anybody ever gotten a phone card from BJ's? DH has a membership and I've been thinking about getting a card from them.

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I have used my phone card from my room in WDW resorts and never been charged the 75 cents for using the phone.



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