I happened upon the first day of Chinese New Years celebrations at HKDL!

Discussion in 'Hong Kong Disneyland' started by BelleBway, Feb 4, 2010.

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    Dec 7, 2008
    I'm in Hong Kong just for the day, and I totally wasn't planning to hit HKDL since I was already there 2.5 yrs ago... but I was having a bad morning and randomly decided to get off the MTR one stop early to stop by HKDL for some Disney cheer- and I'm so glad I did!

    I love Disney park special events... I didn't go on a lot of rides (ok, so there aren't a lot to choose from to begin with...) but I enjoyed the atmosphere and decorations.

    I made a point to see the 3 special performances: the "Jumping Jam with Mickey and Tigger" was incredible- very high energy, lots of acrobatics and percussion. And they gave us free little drum things. ;) The show was preceded by the official opening of the Chinese New Years celebration which was photographed by lots of media. I don't know what they said because it wasn't in English, but it was still cool to be there.

    There was a Lion Dance in Adventureland which was very cool to see- 2 lions and once again, great percussion to set the mood. Smaller scale than the previous show, but definitely worthwhile.

    The "Celebration in the Street" on Main Street was also quite nice. A little short, but still worth seeing.

    So today went from having a crummy morning to having a magical day- and it was especially magical since I wasn't expecting anything special in the park. (even if I'd had the foresight to research the park, the event is advertised as starting tomorrow)
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    That's great! :goodvibes
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    HEY, we were there for Chinese New Year (think we were there the actual day, which happened to be Valentine's Day too) and we loved all the unique decoration. I brought my wife there especially for that as it is the only park I know of that celebrates the Chinese NY. Thought it was pretty cool!!

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