I got overbilled at the Royal Plaza

Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by tgropp, Jan 4, 2008.

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    Jan 3, 2007
    I enjoyed this hotel, but I will never stay here again. In November I booked a room for Dec 15/07 through the Mouseplanet website. It was for a premier Tower room for $112.00. A great rate. On the first of Dec, I rebooked a premier Tower room with Breakfast for two for $126.00, again through the Mouseplanet website. On Dec 11'th I was offered, through an e-mail from the Plaza, an upgrade for the Grosvenor suite on the 19'th floor for an extra $75.00, including the breakfast. I said that we wanted a tower view. They said no problem
    When we arrived we did not get the tower room, but instead a nice suite by the pool. That I could live with. Now they said that there was no breakfast included. They saw that I cancelled a ressie for $112.00 and made a new one for $126.00 but still insisted there was no breakfast.They than relented until the manager, Patrick Hines, a very nice gentlemen walked by the desk and gave me a voucher for breakfast for 4. Next morning we ate a free breakfast and left a $20.00 tip. On Monday Dec 31/07 when I get my Credit Card statement, There was an extra charge for $60.00 for breakfast. I called and never recieved any return phone calls from the Royal Plaza. Three days later I finally got through to accounting and after much discussion on why there was no free brakfast, she finally found the coupon and then brushed me off. When I asked to speak to Patrick Hines (manager) the accounting department told me there was no need to because I did'nt have a problem to discuss. When I talked to Patrick this morning and tried to help him avert a future problem with other customers, I asked him if he was in my position, would he stay in this hotel again. He replied "Most definetly" He told me to phone him personally and he would look after the reservation.
    I liked the hotel even though I did'nt get my desired room that I was promised and the staff were excellent, I still can not see myself staying here again. I remember from a previous post of someone getting over charged so I would advise anyone who stays here to watch your bill closely.
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    Mar 23, 2003
    Wow not a real helpful little group are they?
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    Sep 21, 2006
    I didn't like the accounting of this hotel either. I originally booked thru Mousesavers and also later upgraded to a tower room and added a day. I asked for conformation plus asked to be advised of any additional fees. I received confirmation and charges for the additional day. I felt set..but the day before check in when I called to confirm..they did not have the additional day, nor did they have the upgrade listed! They offered to provide those things but insisted there would be additional charges! It took me a whole afternoon of aggravation and in the end I had to pay more for the upgrade. Given how much I paid plus the resort fee...I could have stayed at a Disney Moderate..which I am doing for my next trip. It's too bad because as the OP said..it's not a bad hotel but it's customer service and accounting STINK!

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