I FINALLY broke down and booked the Hard Rock!


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Sep 7, 1999
I figured if BARRY could do it, so could I! <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

I had my May trip booked since October, staying at the Dolphin for 5 days. But reading these boards everyday, watching the Travel Channel specials and reading about Hard Rock and especially FOTL access, I HAD to try it.

Called the hotel, they just about LAUGHED at me.
It's Memorial Day week and they were SOLD OUT! Entertainment rate? Lady, we have NOTHING! :mad:

So, since I know everyone on this site knows the ins and outs I checked out lindai and sbclifton's suggestion of trying hoteldiscount.com.

Well, they HAD rooms available! I got two nights at $139 a night.

Well, I'm now a HERO at my home!! I heard my son tell someone that now we get to CUT the lines!

I had to change my reservation at the Dolphin and added a few days to my trip (what a SHAME) but I will at least have two days to ride all the rides I want!! Wooooohoooooo!

Now I don't feel like the ONLY person on the board who has NOT been onsite!! :D :D


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You won't regret it!

Our family went around in circles trying to figure out the right hotel for our 3 families, each with different needs and objectives - 1 family with college soph, 1 family with 6 and 7 yo and my family, 8, 13, 18 yo. We wanted to do 24-7 disney since my youngest son had never visited before while another sister had no desire to feel the magic.

Could have gotten the Dophin/Swan at govt rate of $129. Had the Hilton at $129 and Embassy Suites at $129 too. Even was ready to try priceline when everyone was getting the Wyndham Palace for $36! But we all agreed on the Hard Rock because of proximity to park, newness, Mardi Gras and faintly for FOTL (little did we know how much we could be affected by it).

With the entertainment card rate, loews card amenities and upgrade at checkin, we couldn't do better for our $117 in the area. FOTL really made our vacation, giving us a chance to max out at each park and still go for afternoon swims in the 82 degree pool. Mornings were beautiful. Our only regret is we couldn't stay longer.

Wish you have a great time and hope you get that upgrade too!


:cool: ;) :cool:
Woohoo! That's great Robin! Hope you have an awesome time! Don't forget to sign up for your Loews card.
You will LOVE HRH!!!! Congratulations!!! The FOTL perk is wonderful too!! Whether you're at the parks or the hotel I am sure you will have a wonderful trip!!!! :)

You will love it Robin. :)

Goodness, I can remember when we thought the Radisson was the absolute best. But the HRH was so much better. FOTL makes the most wonderful difference and being able to walk into the parks... Universal makes staying onsite special and really worth the extra cost.

Maybe because I have to stay in hotels so often, I am a little callous about hotel rooms. Some are bigger, or better decorated, or have a better view...but basically they are just a place to sleep and there are definite limits to how much I will pay for a nicer bedroom.

The HRH, however, is a passport to fun. You do get to "cut" with your key.(out of the mouth of babes). That changes your entire visit. There is no need for commando type touring. You are able to relax and really enjoy your visit. You feel you are getting your money's worth even if you take a break each afternoon to nap or swim.

You are going to love it Robin. I am so happy you were able to get a room. :)
Thanks, guys!

I NEVER would've even tried if not for the recommendations from the people on this board. We are so excited!

Thanks for everything, lindai!

And MG, I'm still looking forward to how you got that GREAT DEAL at the Swan/Dolphin. WOW!


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Proverbs 3:5-6


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