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May 21, 2000
I have to say, I was not wild about this movie.. Sean Penn did a great job as a developmentally delayed adult with autistic tendencies who somehow fathers this child with a homeless woman and ends up raising the little girl himself.. The little girl was terrific in her role, actually she stole the movie.. Michelle Pfeiffer played her usual tortured self, although I do like her as an actress, and Dianne Wiest, one of my favorite actresses, was the wonderful next door neighbor who helps Sam cope with the raising of this child....There were a few cameos thrown in Laura Dern as the foster Mother and Mary Steenburgen as a doctor testifying for Sam in the Court case.. So it had a great cast, somehow it just did not do it, it was long and drawn out and did not really explain things very well... Although this was our opinion, my daughter and I, I heard others saying that they thought it was terrific.. Different strokes for different folks..

I did see the preview for John Q, with Denzel Washington, .. putting that on my must do list and then another movie with Richard Gere and Diane Ladd, putting that one on my list as well.. Also saw a preview for Ya-Ya Sisterhood, coming out this summer, I cannot wait for that one..
Thanks Marsha, Ellen and I had seen this one previewed when we went and saw Blackhawk Down a week or so ago. She expressed some interest in seeing this movie so I shall have her check out your review:)
Thanks for the review, Marsha. Oprah gushed about the movie a few weeks ago, and past experience told me (with most movies and books she gushes about) that I probably would not enjoy the movie. Exception being Monster's Ball. Anyway, appreciate you filling us in!
I saw the preview to this and was actually thinking of going to go see it. Guess I will look for something else instead. Thanks for the review, Marsha.
I seen the preview for this movie a couple of weeks ago and the preview made me cry!
I guess that I could relate with it some because Vicky's bio. parents are that way to a degree and if it hadn't been for Vicky's CASA worker, I know that we would never have gotten to keep Vicky.
I will probably go see this, but it will have some similarities for me. I'm not a
big fan of Sean Penn, but I guess I'll check it out.


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