I am planning to DUMP my alamo ressie and I need advice


Nov 7, 2001
We have an alamo res for SUnday to Sunday but we figured we will ahve to return the car saturday night sometime because our flight is early (7ish) am and we wouldnt have time etc....

We are staying on Hotel Plaza BLVD downtown DIsney from Sunday to Saturday am and checking out. We have no real plans for Saturday except Dinner at Medieval TImes.

So I need to know what is a better option for arental agency preferably in the airport not offsite as well as what hotel shoudl I be trying to book for that last night? I have heard there are 1 or 2 right in the airport? We need everything as convienant as possible for dropping car off and cathcingt he flight in the am. How late on a saturday night will we be able to return a car?

I have FREE day coupons form the Entertainment book for several agencies so i dont really care if I pay that full day even if we return 12 hours early but i hear alamo has changed policies and is now CHARGING extra for early returns which is a big part of why I am tossingt hem aside from onsite conveinance factors.

I hope any of thsi makes sense. Thanks for your help.
There are 5 in-terminal rental car agencies at Orlando Intenational Airport (MCO); Dollar, Budget, Avis, National and L&M. Also, it is usually cheaper to rent for a full week than 6 days. Make sure you check out mousesavers. com for rental codes to save some money. We have used Dollar Rent A Car many times at MCO and never had a problem. They have given us free upgrades twice. Use code FVG at Dollar's web site, and also try it without a code to see the differences in price. L&M is new and I have read good and bad reviews on them. I would rent from Avis, National or Budget (they are all about the same) if their prices were better than Dollar, but so far Dollar was the best rate on a premium or luxury car my hubby wants. Make sure to check out mousesavers for lots of great information and savings.

RobinLyn :)
Would definitely look into booking with a rental car company in terminal. However, if you stay at the airport hotel for your last night, I would think you would have the time that Saturday evening to return a rental to an off site location. I'm sorry I can't provide you with the name of the hotel inside the airport. Maybe if you do a Travelocity hotel search at MCO for the smallest radius it'll come up. I would think that hotel would be the most convenient for you with an early AM flight.

Nothing in the Alamo rental policies on Travelocity.com and the policies on Alamo.com stood out regarding early returns, other than that weekly rentals are defined as just over 5 to just under 7 days long and may require keeping the car over a Saturday night.

While individual rental stations may have their own rules, it is up to Alamo to make them available to you without the need for a long distance call or your paying for a fax. Otherwise you can still dispute any charges unique to Orlando.

You should call Alamo's 800 number to ask any question you are unsure of.

If you really want to avoid getting into arguments, given the rumor of Alamo suddenly charging more for arbitrary early returns, all I can say is dump the ressie. I will recant this paragraph if/when I get word that Alamo has officially discontinued such capricious policies.

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I went to pricline and got my hotel for the night secured now I am shooting for any IN airport for the car so I can drop off that am before the flight. Thanks for the advice. I'd really rather just NOT deal with alamo at all right now. Unfortunatly my rate with them was great :(


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