Earning My Ears
Apr 19, 2000
My brother booked 2 rooms thru Priceline at the Hyatt and I am kind of leerie.I have read several posts which were VERY unfavorable.Has anyone stayed there recently?Any info would be appreciated,as we are leaving on Feb.9,and I would like to be a LITTLE optimistic.
We stayed there about 13 months ago, and thought that we were getting value for our money.
The rooms were quite nice, and the location was great!

They do have a website:

Good luck!!
Got a room there May, 2001 thru priceline. Did not arrive in Florida until around 9pm. When myself and family checked in the room at about 1030pm room was a dump, dirty carpets, old furniture ext. Went to the front desk complained and was moved to a different building, a little better but not much, sliding door would not lock and so on, buy this time it was around 11pm kids fell asleep, I gave up and went to bed. next morning wife was livid, we were scheduled to stay there thusday, friday and saturday night then move on to the Boardwalk at disney for five nights. By the time i had my first cup of coffee my wife had a reservation at the Coranado Springs for friday and saturday night and a full refund, I must say the people at the Hyat were excellent and very understanding, i even found out later while at the pool at Coranado Springs from my DW they even offered to let us stay the three nights free of charge, but thats how much my wife was dissatisfied with the room. Beware of PRICLINE the are tough to deal with when trying to get a refund!!
I am also staying there with priceline for 2 nights. I read that all the rooms will have been redone by feb./2002. I figure we will only be sleeping there, so for $30/night I am going to look on the brightside of everything.
We got Hyatt Orlando with priceline last January. While I prefer to stay onsite, the Hyatt was just fine for the price. It is very convenient for WDW if you rent a car. However, they charge for the shuttle service and it would work out quite expensive if u used it. Have a great trip.
Forgot to say - we stayed for nine nights and before we went joined their gold card scheme. It is free to join - just go to their website at We called ahead with our room requests and got what we wanted.

The goldcard scheme is brilliant. I have not stayed with hyatt since but, not long after, I got a letter saying that I had enough points from my Orlando stay to stay at a Hyatt hotel for a Friday and Saturday night for free. Not bad considering my original stay only cost about $33 including tax per night.


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