HRH Rooms Location


Earning My Ears
Feb 20, 2001
I have a ressie for a Gardenview Room. I'm a Loews Blue card member(still waiting for them to send me my card). My question is are there any ground floor rooms? If there are would they have patios that lead outside and if you have a pool view room (possible upgrade) would they be right by the pool?
No. The ground floor has a game room, restaurant, fitness center and the cabana bar thingy. No rooms that I saw anwhere on 1st floor pool side. I dont blame them, it would seem to me, as a 5th floor guest, that I was intruding on people if their rooms opened to the pool. The resaurant has patio seating by the pool. (nice place to eat I felt). On gardenview side, there are some 1st floor rooms, I think. I seem to recall a family room like this. It is very quick from any room to the pool area, and the hotel curves around the pool in a half circle, with multiple entrances. The family room I say on the first floor (assuming that is what it was, was gated. I dont know if you could just walk out, but again, from the inside, its a few seconds to the pool


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