HRH Rocks [Day 2] Outlet shops and Pleasure Island

Gator Kate

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Aug 18, 1999
Kathy : (aka Gator Kate) 47 years young
Robin : my sis , 42
Nancy : my best friend since 7th grade, also 47


I was up early and went foraging for food at the breakfast buffet in club lounge. The selection was good, bagels,pastries, cereal, yogurt, fruit,and juice. The bagels were the best, pastries very mediocre. I did notice that when we went for a second cup of coffee a bit later in a.m. they had run out of many items and there were lots of people milling and looking unhappy. We mentioned this when we spoke to the manager of guest services about the sheets. He said he was aware of the problem and they were working on resolving it.
He was also very concerned about our housekeeping complaint and sent a bottle of wine and cheese plate to our room as an apology. This was thoughtful but somewhat redundant as we get wine and cheese at club level anyways. I also felt we should have been compensated more generously for such a gross negligence of service. I'm still considering writing to Loew's directly about this.
So, enough about the negative stuff and on to shopping!
It was an easy and quick jaunt to the Belz designer shops. My favorite was the Saks outlet, while my sis bought lots at DKNY and Ann Taylor. Sure wish they had better places for lunch there. We had pitiful sandwiches at the Melitta snack bar.
After shopping 'til we dropped we hit the p.m snacks at club lounge. Not as tasty this day, raw & grilled vegetables and coldcuts.
That night it was on to Pleasure Island. This was my first time and probably last. It felt rather seedy to me. It was a Mon. night and we had trouble finding live music, which was my main interest. Spent about an hour at 8 Trax watching people dance. It was so loud you had to shout to talk and very smokey. Ended up at the Jazz bar where there was a decent live group. The sets were short, with at least an hour between. They must want you to bar hop? At least it was pleasant there and not as smokey. I realize I'm repeating that mantra but it's a big issue with me. I'm a health oriented ,vegetarian, massage therapist, to give you an insight to my perspective. Speaking of massage, I'm off to do my duty so will continue soon.


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