HRH-March 2002 anyone book yet?

Glory Days

Jun 26, 2000
Okay, this was our first visit to the HRH, Universal/IOA and we are hooked, so much so that my daughter is begging us to book a trip for next spring break, and I think we're going to. I booked the last trip in July for April, and I don't know if this is too early, if entertainment cards will still be honored. Anyone book this far in advance?
I called last week and tried to book HRH for next March, but they are not taking reservations yet. The woman I spoke with told me that they have not yet released the rates for 2002, that they are unable to make reservations until those rates are released. It seems like they could still make the reservation, just with an unconfirmed rate, like Disney does. I'm going to try back every week until I'm successful.


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