HRH discounts?


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Aug 7, 2001
I'm thinking of treating DH to the last night of vacation at the HRH.
i have the entertainment book and Universal Fan Club Card.
Because i am in the UK I hate being stuck on the phone long distance.
Can anyone help with info on rates, links, discounts etc - The date will be 13 March for 1 night only - Me, DH and 2 kids.

Any help greatly appreciated
If you don't want to call long distance, you might want to check if Dreams Unlimited can give you a good rate. Also check and Low rates might be hard to find during when you're coming, but you can find one if you start looking now.

Also, I think you can book online on Universal's website, but it didn't work for me when I tried it.
Thanks barry,
Dreams unlimited don't do HRH and portofino anymore. Do Expedia and travelocity take into account fanclub or entertainment discount??

i have E-mailed universal direct - see if they can come up trumps as i am on extremely tight budget but really want to treat DH.

looks like i might have to hit the phones
I phoned HRH and got all different prices for all the cards I've got
These are prices for the room with 2 queen beds to sleep 2 adults, 1 child and 1 infant - are these rates good???

Entertainment book rate
Garden Room -$125 @£88
Pool view room - $140 @£99
Deluxe room -$155 @£109

Universal Fan Club Rate
Club Room $223 @£157

Hard Rock All Access rate
Club Room $207 @£146

Would you consider these rates to be good for march and should I bite their hand off or leave it until we get there, then spring it on DH.
If I book it now it'll be on the Amex bill for Feb instead of march, so he'll see it - Curse those braille statements!!

Yes, those are good rates for the HRH. With your family size, I would just go with the standard room, garden or pool view. The rooms are (I think) 360 sq. feet (I know they are over 300), and you will have plenty of room.

Did you ask them if you could mail payment instead of putting it on your Amex card? Maybe a money order or check or something that you could use to hide the secret from your husband? ;)

I would most definately book that room NOW. This is the start of major Spring Break time here in the U.S. If you don't book now, you run the great risk of not getting a room at all.


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