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Jan 30, 2001
Has anyone stayed in the HRH deluxe rooms? I reserved a deluxe earlier in March, but was upgraded to a kidsuite, so I never got to see the room. Of course, I'm not complaining, but I am planning another visit in June. I have again reserved a deluxe room, and since it's not likely that I'll get another upgrade, I'd like to know what to expect.

I recall reading one post indicating the deluxe was not much different than a regular room. Isn't the deluxe larger? I've been to deluxe rooms at the PBH, is it comparable(sp)? Is a standard room large enough to accomodate a crib and a family of four comfortably?
I stayed in a deluxe. It has two beds plus a fold-out couch. It has an extra small room with a desk and table for office work. It is roomier than a standard room.


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Stayed in a deluxe as well and it is much roomier than a standard. Almost 200 sq. ft. larger from what I understand and while there I was able to go in a standard which seemed much smaller than words can describe compared to a deluxe.

Also, saw a kids suite compared to deluxe and while the kids room is cute I'd say your better off with the deluxe.

One other thing I noticed about the facility that I really liked is that even though we were on the 2nd floor, there seemed to be no sound transmission from adjoining rooms, upstairs or outside. The floor was rock solid concrete too, so no matter how much my kids bounced around playing, it was as though we were on the ground floor. A very nice although probably not often noticed item whereas in many other hotels you can hear almost every other sound in rooms around you.

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