HRH/Club Rooms...the good and bad 4/16 to 4/18.


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I have to start by saying that I really liked the HRH for many reasons. BUT, we did have some problems and I was very dissapointed with the Club floor rooms.

Booked a club room because everything else was sold out for Easter week. Called ahead to find out what was offered and read many posts about the club services. I was told directly by the HRH that they offered hor dourves (sp?) from 7 to 9 p.m. like sushi, shrimp,hummus etc. Continental breakfast from 7 to 9 a.m. and milk and cookies at night. SOUNDS great. When we checked in I chose fruit for my Loews perk because they told me that milk and cookies were laid out each evening. Here is what we got..

ROOM: The room was VERY nice. We had a pool view, two queen beds, mini-bar, two phone lines, large t.v., great bathroom, two seperate sinks. Very nice decor, great ammenities. Oh, also three bathrobes, very comfortable.

Club lounge: On the smallish side but nice, CD library was nice although we did not use it. The first night they had out a limited supply of cheese and crackers and some not so ripe (oldish) veggies and dip. Domestic beer and wine, sodas and water. I did not really take any notice of the lack of variety at this time. We left again for the parks and returned about 9:45 to the hotel. My kids were excited about having milk and cookies. Got to the club lounge, no milk or cookies. The concierge staff member was very nice but told me that they only put the milk and cookies out for one hour a night now. We missed it! Also, she told me that the evening munchies will only be cheese and crackers and veggies for the forseeable future. I told her this was not what was represented to me and she explained that there was so much fighting among guests over the shrimp and sushi (we are talking almost physical blows) and there are so many rooms on the club floor that they decided to take a "wait and see attitude". I told her that I was dissapointed and she agreed. I do have to concur though about the poor behavior by some guests, one women screamed at my son to "MOVE IT" because he stood between her and her bottle of Diet Coke..also people were bringing trays of food to their rooms. ANYWAY... I called guest services and they were so nice.. they immediately sent up a tray of cookies and a pitcher of cold milk for my boys at no charge. The next day breakfast was not ready at 7 a.m. but every employee at the hotel was so nice it was hard to get even slightly mad, lol. When my boys and I returned to change in the afternoon the guest services manager had left me a message. I called her back and she said she was very sorry about the club floor changes and that I was dissapointed. She told me that she would like to buy us dinner and comped us $72 on my room charge! This of course took the sting out of everything and really made me feel that the hotel is trying. We are going back in September and have booked a kids suite and she told me to call before we come to find out what has transpired with the club floor.
Our room was turned down on night one and the maid left some toys for the boys, very nice. The second night she knocked on our door about 5 p.m. to turn down the beds but my son was lying down. She said she would return in one hour when we had left for the parks. She did not, no big deal. The room was very well maintained and cleaned.

OTHER THINGS: The HRH store is very well stocked, got bandages, powder, and sweat shirts there (the temp on day three started out at 48 degrees!) We had breakfast at the Sunset Grill one morning, excellent hot and cold buffet, $30 for the three of us. My boys LOVED the pool, the water slide was tops for them. They made fast friends and played volleyball too. My son was dissapointed about the underwater music, he says it was not working. I never checked out why, etc. The beach lounge area was very crowded but comfortable. When we go back with our little one (age 2) I will rent a cabana, they have two right in front of the kiddie pool, have television, phone, table and food service.. they seemed really comfy. I saw late at night that they were cleaning the sand, chairs, etc. Pool hours are 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Lifeguards seemed very aware and on top of things.

FINALLY.. I will stay again at the HRH. However, I do not think I will pay $259 for a club room for the perks that I just explained. They really do need to provide a superior product to keep people interested when they are charging at least and extra $100 per night. I have a suspicion that they will do away with the club rooms. (I think they did at the PBH) I also had a little problem with my credit card, they held $600 when I checked in (hotel was prepaid) but then my credit card company called me at home yesterday because of additional activities from the HRH. My total charges were $187 and $83 but they had not released the $600 and there were three other charges put through then released by the hotel. I called the hotel and the front desk supervisor was very nice and assured me that it would be taken care of. Not a big problem, but I thought I should mention it. Any questions let me know. Tonight I will post a report about the parks,etc. We had a blast!
Sorry to hear about your disappointing experience with HRH's club room service. $100 extra per night for "cheese and cracker" type snacks is very unexceptable to say the least!

Wonder why consierge rooms work so well for Disney but not for HRH or the PRH?

I have never booked a club or consierge room. I always thought room service would be sufficient and less costly if we wanted to snack etc.

Also, it's kinda like the "cruise ship" syndrone. You pay for the food in the price of your stay...then you feel like you have to eat your money's worth and ultimately eat way more then you ordinarily would. That's what happens to us on cruise ship. :D

Anyway...glad the parks weren't as big a disappointment for ya.

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It sounds like they have gone thru their first spring break rush and were trying to keep their heads above water, so to speak.

We love the HRH. DH has never cared where we went on vacation, but this time he said he wanted to stay there again. I could not beleive he gave me his oppinion on something! LOL We stayed there the first full week that they were open. The man that took us and our bags to our room got lost.(he'd never been in that part of the hotel) It was hysterical. I knew from these boards that they did not have the kinks worked out and expected some problems. Needless to say, we had a maintance problem and they comped us $100. Wait, that's not all... after we got home we got our cc statement. They comped alot more than $100. They ended up PAYING us $40 to stay there for 2 nights! We drank from the minibar and had brunch at the Grill and it was all paid for! They bent over backwards trying to please us when things went wrong. One person even saw me in the lobby the day after the maintance mishap and asked if everything turned out ok. You are right, the staff is soooo friendly that it is hard to get mad when things went wrong. We are going back for Memorial day weekend and know we will have a good time!
I really enjoyed your trip report of HRH. It seemed like your really enjoyed yourself in spite of the "little discrepancies". It is assuring to know that the staff was accomodating. That can really make a difference in the overall enjoyment of the your hotel stay and total vacationing experience. I am looking forward to also reading your park experience too.

by the way, what did your sons like most or dislike about your trip? I have a son not too much older than your 10 year old and it would be interesting to know his perspective...Chao!
I'm glad that they made up for the issues. Nonetheless they do need to figure out what they are going to do.

Regarding the "club" rooms at PBH. They do exist. They were called the Villa Rooms. They now call them the Deluxe Pool View. I have one booked for Oct. I guess we'll see what happens!



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So where is the burial site of the woman who said "Move it" to your son?????

She'd still be talking about why she had to leave the hotel early because of a crazy Mom if it were my child!! :mad:

That did not sound like my idea of a "club" experience. What a shame. Maybe in the future they will work out the kinks.

Thanks for the details!


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You're making feel good for skipping this option, thinking a few chips, sodas, and a six pack for the adults and we will turn our room into a "club room", that way we can pick our hours of operation.I do understand spring break we went to the beach in Tx where they have free food on Tuesdays, the hotel was packed, people were fighting for the last chicken wing, it was chaotic....
I was surprised that the HRH offered a Club Level since the PBH did away with theirs after opening (though they still do have a "premium" level, Butler), and I would have thought they would get it right based on the PBH's experience.

However, as I previously reported, the lounge is a disaster. It's just not big enough and they don't put out enough food.

Also, when I was on the Club floor you can bet I was taking back "plates of food to my room" because there was no where to sit in the lounge and enjoy it.

Also, and maybe this is another changed, they had Heineken beer available when I was there (not just domestic)

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