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Jan 3, 2001
Does anyone know if AAA discounts are offered at the Hard Rock Hotel? Also, if they are available, can you book them directly or must you reserve through AAA?
You can get a HRH AAA discount. You can do it through the HRH or Universal reservation number.


Barry Hom
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Yes, AAA is offered and you can book directly thru Hard Rock. I recommend NOT going thru your AAA agent (no offense). My agent always tries to add in "extras" or "packages" which end up costing me a lot more than when I book my room myself.

For your information, the entertainment discount is quite a lot more than the AAA discount. I used my AAA discount for Disney WL and received 20% off my reservation. I used entertainment discount at Portofino and received 50% discount. But these discounts may depend on the season that you are going also. I'm going in off-season and called way ahead of time.

Good luck!
Hi, I'm new here, and I was wondering, what is the Entertainment Card that was mentioned in the previous post? Many thanks!


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