Howard Johnson $29 rate?


Aug 1, 2000
Any reviews on the Howard Johnson hotel with the $29 rate. I just booked for our first night before moving over to OKW just wondering if anyone had any feedback. Also, what is the free breakfast? Does anyone know if it is worth our time.

Thanks, DisneyDianne
Wow that sounds like a great rate Dianne!:D

Which Howard Johnson hotel is it and where did you find that rate?:confused:
Originally posted by DisneyDianne
Any reviews on the Howard Johnson hotel with the $29 rate.

Like Sammi, I'd need to know which HoJo for sure. But the Maingate East often offers that price. My wife and I always use it for an early arrival or late departure. It is what it is: a motel. But the rooms appear clean, the location good (convenience store plus two restaurants are "right there"), good proximity to the parks, two pools. We've never been displeased with it. A suggestion: ask for a room near the rear pool (the one without the bar). In off season, we've found it a little more secluded, which has major benifits. And if people are swimming (doubtful in February), they start early, usually at the bigger pool. And the hot tubs are in the front pool, which means even in Feb., you can count on some late-night noise.

Pat, thanks for that info! We are planning on staying there in late March when we are down apartment hunting! Oh, btw, when does the $29 rate end? I am sure I won't be able to take advantage of it during that time, but I did see a $49 rate, which for the "spring break" time, isn't prohibitive!
I got it through dream res on this board and I am not quite sure when it ends. Just go to the site and put in your info and see what rate it gives you!! Thanks, For all the info sounds like it will be fine for one night.

Disney Dianne
If it's HJ maingate east, we've stayed there twice for 10 days and been very happy. For one night, I don't think you can go wrong.


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