How to suprise the kids?

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    Jun 26, 2007
    We are going on our first family cruise in Nov. Our kids, ages 9 and 8, have been begging to go on a Disney cruise for a few years now. We are planning on surprising them right before the cruise. We are telling the kids that we are going to Disneyland for a few days. Any ideas for a Disney reveal?

    I was thinking about going to Goofy's Kitchen the morning of departure. I would excuse myself to go to the bathroom and ask for some help from the CM. We could bring an invitation from Mickey asking us to go on the cruise ... right now and have Goofy give it to them. I was going to arrange to have a limo waiting at the entrance to Disneyland hotel to whisk us away to the port.

    Any more great ideas?? I am completely open and I want the best possible memory for my kids! I want to get to the port bright and early so we need to surprise them Sat or early, early Sun. We will have annual passes so entrance into the park is not a deal breaker.
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    Are your children girls or boys? If they are girls I would suggest going to Downtown Disney and doing the Princess dress up at the earliest appointment. That's at 9:30, takes about an hour. Then surprise them from there. The port doesn't open until 11:00 beginning in August anyway, so no reason to just sit around at the port being irritated you can't get in.

    What a wonderful surprise for you kids!
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    Whatever you do, make sure to video the surprise. One of our favorite memories is when we surprised our boys with their trip to WDW. I still go to YouTube to watch it from time to time.:wizard:
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    We are going on a land and sea vacation in Jan. I want the kids to be surprised with the cruise too. I plan on giving/telling them about the trip to WDW at Christmas as a gift but not telling them about the cruise. We are planning on taking the disney transportation to port, and hoping the kids just think we are going to the airport. Once we get to port and see the ship we will surprise them. We'll see if this works but are super excited:) Good Luck!
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    Actually I think your idea is excellent! :thumbsup2


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