How To Get Fort Wilderness Train Painting?


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Mar 12, 2016
I've attempted to look online on eBay on and off and have not found it online for sell. I've attempted to ask people at FW and while I've never seen it at their gift ships, I have still asked CMs on site just in case and they do not have information on how to purchase it at their gift shops, or other Disney locations. When I attempted a couple of months back to email Disney inquiring about how to purchase I got a general response on how to purchase Disney merchandise and nothing to do with what I was asking. It seemed as if they did not even read my question so I didn't attempt again.

Below is the painting in question, which is a painting in all the cabins that are at FW Campgrounds. While as you can see the image is clear as day online, but technically if I took this image to a place like Walgreens, or Wal-Mart I wouldn't be able to print to a painting / poster like size due to copyright / licensing issues since I do not have the rights. I've been trying real hard to get this for my father who loves the painting not only due to aesthetic reasons, but also due to nostalgic reasons and the history behind the train. Of course I love it, especially since I collect vintage Disney items, however, I want this so much for him.

Anyone have suggestions, or links to where it might be selling that I am missing, or know of places I can print that do not care about copyrighting / licensing?


EDIT: Do not know if this will work, but I eventually found which you can request permissions to use images from Disney. It's an estimated time of them confirming, or denying your request can take up to 6-8 weeks. Filled out and submitted my request yesterday and now I shall see if I'll get permission to use the image. Not sure if this will resolve, but wanted to write this just in case anyone is curious of another place to try if they ever had similar questions, or issues.
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Nov 4, 2011
With the number of safety violations present in this single image, I wouldn't be surprised if the ol' PC Disney Corporation pulled this piece and will deny its existence.