How To Get A Car Rental Cheap?



How can I get a rental car for as little as possible? I have been to Mary's site and I don't know of any other coupons other than the Disney Club discaount. Any ideas?
Cheap car rental in Orlando is not something that happens much any more. The rates have definelty gone up since November. I would just watch for a while to see what rates are, book it and then maybe post for an opinion.

I have used priceline it was great until we needed to stay two extra days and then great went to absolutley outrageous. Didn't plan on staying longer until about the week before we left....

Good Luck
I forgot to mention I want to rent one to drive down. I only live about 5-6 hrs away. :D
Do you have AAA? Or try the car rental places around where you live and see if they have any coupons in the travel section of your newspaper. Enterprise has the best rental prices here but I am in NJ.
I have checked all the websites and Mary's page with codes for discount but this hasn't hlped.
I just hope the the DC will send out a new coupon for after April 15th. We are going down May 18th-26th.

Thanks guys!
I had the same problem in november. We wanted one to drive down in and finally ended up paying over $400 for one. The only way to get it any cheaper was to go to nashville airport and get one there, but due to our work schedule, we would have had to go and pick it up 3 days early, which would have made the cost even more! So, we ended up renting locally and paying out the yahoo for it.
If you have Ent Club and are travelling after 8/1 try the coupon codes in it - I got my best rate with National through Emerald Club using the 2 car class upgrade - paying for a compact, but getting an intermediate - when I checked again on-line even that rate has gone up $100 since I booked mine!
We just rented a car in NY to drive down to Fl. We got a great deal from Costco - not sure if you have them down there? I think any of the wholesale clubs offer discounts. We saved 25% on a car.
Hi...just got a compact from Dollar pick up in Jacksonville, drop off Orlando for 89 dollars a week in April (compact) go and use code mcc...good luck.......Ted
Check out, I saw several coupons and codes for discounts in more than three car rental companies. Of course, you'd probably have to buy the book ($20-$40,depending on the area) but sometimes you can download trial offers from their website. The Entertainment rate can also give you SUBSTANTIAL discounts in some hotels!
If you are a menber of Disney Club I thought that you were a member of Entertainment too. Am I wrong?


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