How scary are the Hulk, Fire & Ice?



I hate to sound like a big baby, but I barely survived TOT! I curled up into the fetal position and held onto the lap bar for dear life! I hate to miss out on these coasters, but have become somewhat afraid of heights in my old age... (mid forties!) Can anyone encourage me, or should I stay on the ground? I loved RNRC, etc., but these coasters at IOA seem so much more intimidating!
Well i thought TOT was great and RNRC was a real snoozer, BORING.
Hulk is less intense than dragons and dragons must be experienced from the front row of both red and blue since they are different rides.

I find MIB more thrilling than RNRC:smooth:
OK, I think I have my answer! I guess somebody needs to stand outside and hold everybody's water bottles, right? I used to skydive, but something changed a few years ago! Thanks for your answer, MIB 999999! I'll watch you guys from below!
Actually, DISJUNKIE, if you loved RNRC, then there is a chance you would appreciate Hulk and DD. I really like Hulk and DD because you can SEE where you are going- part of the thrill. And I agree with MIB9etc that the front of the coaster is a totally different and great experience. My suggestion is: try it. What is the worse that can happen? It only lasts a little while! :D

Question for MIB9etc. You said that you find Hulk less intense than DD. Gosh, I thought Hulk was so much faster and taller. I have never seen the stats for these rides, am I imagining this??
Or is it just in the front of the train that it is more intense? I have only just recently appreciated coasters (last few years), so I am still a novice! Thanks :D
Thanks Muushka! I guess I could try to be brave and maybe not sit in the very front at first. I hate to miss out on something that I might love...My husband rides the coasters. I realized last trip that I was negatively influencing our two boys, and decided to try all of the rides while we were at Disney. They loved TOT, although I'll skip it the next time around for sure. You're right that you'll never know until you try!
Don't compare a coaster to Tower of Terror...they are not even close! My 9 year old will go on all of the coasters down here in FL, but he still won't go back on TOT!!! He even liked Dr.Doom...go figure! He has a problem with dropping, so it's a different experience!
If you liked Rockin' Rollercoaster then go for Hulk next. My friends daughter went on RNRC as her first coaster last week, I then had to drag her onto Hulk, and force her into her seat. She loved it however, and thanked me for not letting her chicken out!
I always tell my kids, you live's 2 or 3 minutes of your life, how will you know whether you would have loved it or not if you never try it? Don't sit in the front or the back...your first time, and you'll be fine. I can just tell by how you describe yourself!
Dragons is more...I dunno...jarring? It's more compact, with almost as many inversions as hulk, so maybe that's why? Hulk is a wonderful don't have time to be scared!!!

Trust me, DISJUNKIE, I understand. About 8 years ago (when I was about 35) a 7 year old little friend of mine shamed me into going on a coaster at Busch. She said "Oh come on, I'll hold your hand". The next thing I knew I was loving it! I was so afraid of them for so long!
I appreciate your encouragement. I think I'll try Hulk first, and then Fire and Ice, (assuming I survive Hulk...) You're so right that I hate the dropping sensation, but it's not the same feeling that you get from the coasters. After all, I can always close my eyes in a pinch! I'll let you know how it worked out after our trip. I don't know if I'd ever have the guts to try the coasters that have very little around you. Doesn't Kraken have very little in terms of support around your body? I would think that would be even worse!
GO FOR IT! I looked at these coasters and just knew I had to experience them. I don't know that Hulk is less intense than DD--it's just different. The fact that DD is an inverted coaster gives it a totally different feel. Once you get over the fear of DD you HAVE to experience the front row. You just miss too many things by not sitting there. I would run there first thing in the morning and ride that front row over and over.
Yea Dis, Kraken is Floorless...DD is suspended so you don't have anything under your feet, you're dangling...

You get a better feel for the height on DD, and you are definitely more "out there" than on Hulk...It's not scarier, necessarily, but as Gschmerl said, it's different. But I could go on Hulk over and over, but I can only do the dragons 2 times and then I have to take a break or I'll get a headache :rolleyes: That's what I'm basing my intensity factor on! ;)

You guys are great! I guess it'll be Hulk first, and then DD. Feet dangling eh? If you say so... Do you have a preference in terms of which side of DD you prefer? Since you're helping me plan my strategy, should I ride Fire or Ice first?
Fire is my goes over the ice track and has an extra little "wee" - that's air-time in "MsDiz speak"

I don't get to ride enough to have any further opinion/advice...others will, I'm sure!

Yea, dangling, it's a great feeling! ;)

Have fun! When are you going? We expect to hear back from you on your experience!!! :D

Ms Disney--
We're going from August 12-16, staying at HRH. I don't think I'd attempt any of the parks at that time of the year without the FOTL access perk! That's still a long way off I know, but I'll use the time wisely, getting my nerve up to ride the big coasters! Hey, and if it counts, I did go down the waterslide at Stormalong Bay last year! (I'm sure the young guy who was manning the slide got a good laugh at the sounds I made the first time on...I thought I was going to crash, since I was zooming down at such speed...) Let's face it, I AM a big baby, but with everyone's kind words, maybe there's hope after all!
My DH always tries to come up with an excuse to skip the coasters, but DD, 8, says to him, I'll keep you safe. So far she has.

Originally posted by Muushka
Question for MIB9etc. You said that you find Hulk less intense than DD. Gosh, I thought Hulk was so much faster and taller. I have never seen the stats for these rides, am I imagining this??
Or is it just in the front of the train that it is more intense? I have only just recently appreciated coasters (last few years), so I am still a novice! Thanks :D [/B]

Muushka, i never rode any coaster until i rode hulk front row with my wife's grandson. I was 44 that year. Since i survived that one we went and rode Ice Dragon front row. Hulk may be faster and taller but it gently sweeps you into the turns and inversions. Ice races you right for the castle wall and then snatchs you up and over. The whole experience of Ice and Fire feel more intense to me since the best part of Hulk is the launch. :smooth:
I see what you mean. I think the free dangling feet on DD also adds to the fun/intensity. Thanks for the info!
Go for it! I was soooooo scared of those two coasters before going to IOA in '99 and I wasn't sure if I would get up enough nerve to get on them but I am sure glad i did! My fiance was scared too--you should have seen him sweat before DD! hahahahah We both can't believe that we were ever scared of these coasters now! If scared, just ride in the middle on the coasters the first time. Because both coasters are 4 seats across, if you sit in the middle 2 seats it won't feel as intense as being on the outer seats.
I love coasters, and well, had a fear of dangling feet ones..
Fire and Ice were a little intense for me, KRAKEN just gave me a bad headache.

I personally liked Hulk better.. the launch is wonderful, and very very speedy. Fire/Ice was a little twisty for me.. or maybe I was just too scared to enjoy it..
I never liked coasters beofre IOA opened. I was there for the pre opening that they did for youth groups. I talked one of the studnets into going onto the hulk and then I decided that I couldn't chicken out. Ever since then I've been hooked on coasters and can't get off them. I am still hoping that they will get the rumored flying coaster in Jurasic Park.


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