How often does luggage arrive late??

Ariel Lover

Earning My Ears
Mar 5, 2001
We have first dinner seating and I have read that you should take dinner clothes in your carry-on in case your luggage arrives to your stateroom late. Does this happen often? How do you decide what dinner clothes to take in your carry-on if you don't know your rotation until after you board? Should I take my entire hanging bag as a carry-on? Please help me!
They try really hard to have luggage to the rooms prior to dinner. Our luggage wasn't at our room, but we changed rooms at the last minue, so we went down to the old room and collected our luggage ourselves - just told the CM we saw what we were doing, and no worries.

What we did was just plan on wearing something when we boarded that would be appropriate for dinner regardless of our rotation - I wore slacks and a nice shirt; no worries.

The only thing we packed in our carryons were basically swimming suits in case we wanted to swim prior to dinner.
Our luggage arrived at about 5:15 on our December cruise, and we had early dinner. We did manage to get unpacked and change, but even if the bags had not arrived on time they do let you know that on embarkation evening you are welcome to wear casual clothes to dinner if your bags have not arrived. The vast majority of guests have their bags in plenty of time, though. :)


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