How much to take a cab to the outlet malls


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Jan 10, 2001
We're staying at ASMo and ASMu. We are not renting a car but we would like to go to the outlet mall one day. How far is it and approx how much would it cost to go by cab? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">

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bumping again! I can't believe nobody's answered this one -- hasn't anybody done this? -- is it too far or too expensive to cab it to the outlet mall? Should we scrap our shopping day?

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You'll need to specify which outlets you're interested in, but couldn't you just call a cab company when you arrive? It seems rather foolish to scrap plans because no one here has taken a cab to the outlets. :rolleyes:

that travel to the Belz Malls [there are two parts]It is worth it to shop here,instead of the Disney Parks. I saved a bundle!!

Also,on S R 535[maybe 5 or 6 miles] at the Buena Vista Factory Stores there is a really great Charater Corner Shop[sells Disney Merchandise] [the big,one not the little one]Disney hats were on sale for $2.99[usually $18.00]and 2000 trading pins for $1.99, shirts dated 2000 $4.99. I got an Animal Kingdom Tin[4"x4"] for .99. and a Leather tooled small purse for .99 it's large enough to hold sunglasses ,wallet,lipstick and a small comb.

I wish I had Bought more hats!!
:D :D :D

In general your airport transfers and cab to the outlet malls will probably approach or exceed the cost of a rental car. You might consider renting a car.
We had scheduled Mears to take us to the outlet mall, but they never showed (after we waited nearly 1 1/2 hours and called twice!!!). The price was supposed to be $10 which I thought was a good price, but they are very, very unreliable. I know this doesn't answer your question about cab fare, but it might be an option for you to look into; I'd just have a backup plan in the likely event that Mears screws up!


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Call the mall itself or email them. Some have shuttles, that will pick you up at your hotel or the Disney Village. ;)
You guys are better than VISA.... "never leave home without it!" Thanks for all the great suggestions! LYNX sounds like a great option. Tink2dw, it sounds like you found some awesome deals. At those prices we should be able to bring back a little something for those at home, birthdays, etc.. We'll definitely check out the Character Corner Shop.

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my dh,who is a huge donald fan,found Donald in his Toontown boat for .99. This is a series of toys that we saw all over the worlds. They are called "Mini Vehicle Toys" and they are die cast metal. And usually sell for $5.00 or more!! :) :) :) :)



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