How much is a taxi to Cable Beach?


Dec 11, 2002
Does anyone know how much a taxi will cost from the port over to Cable Beach? Also, how long of a ride is it?

We have been to the beach over at Paradise Island before, and are thinking of trying Cable Beach this time. Any tips from someone who's been to that beach before?
It's been about 8 yrs since I've been to Cable Beach. The beach was nice at our hotel, but nothing special. Carnival use to own a large casino/hotel there. There was a low cost tourist bus that stopped at several hotels and went downtown. The speed, and turns were quite a ride!
I have $6 written down in my notes. I've not been there yet, the info is from other posts I've read. I also have down that bus #10 will take you there, too, I think for .75. (the 10A bus will get you there, but it is more scenic) HTH
Thanks, idontknow. I've been scouring other sites looking for this information (we were just on a bahamas cruise in October, but I didn't keep the information from Nassau!). I did read the information about the bus, though, and that sounds like a good option. I didn't realize that 10A was more scenic; maybe we'll try to catch that one vs the 10. I saw also that you can board the bus on Bay Street; I've seen fares reported now between $.75 and $1.25.


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