How much extra are booster seats when you rent a car?


Earning My Ears
Jan 23, 2001
We will be renting a full size car and I was wondering the appox. cost of a booster seat for a three year old? Also what kind of booster seats are they usually, High back? Thanks
In our experiences, the rental companies usually only have "regular" car seats...the toddler kind. They add on $5 per day with a maximum charge of $40-50. Our little one really prefers the boosters, so we invested in a carrier for it (toys R US/ babies r us carries them). It only cost $20 and we use the extra space in the bag to all our goodies on the flight home.
if you are renting a mini van alot of them have the car seats built in you can use for no extra charge. THe van we had a few years ago was like that.
We figured that instead of paying the extra $5/day for 7 days, it was just as easy to put our booster seat in a big plastic garbage bag and check it through with our luggage. We had no problem flying to or from MCO and our car seat came through just fine.



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