How much did your Disney wedding cost?

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  1. ppawdisney

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    May 10, 2018
    Just trying to get some estimate of real people's costs, rather than a generalized idea you can find on the website. If you don't mind sharing could you tell me how much your disney wedding cost and when/where it was along with details about the wedding like what type of food and enhancements you had? As many details as you have would be great!
  2. jaggies

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    Feb 15, 2017
    This seems like a question people post here a lot! The information on Disney’s website is purposefully very vague, but the costs of a Disney wedding can vary so widely — from an elopement for two to a elegant multi-day affair for two hundred — that simply knowing other couples’ totals for their day may not be very relevant to you. Many couples also feel awkward talking about how expensive their wedding was, especially on a public forum like this.

    Your best resource for answering that very first “can we afford this?” question is an e-book called Carrie Hayward’s Fairy Tale Weddings Guide, which you can buy at You might have heard people tell you about it before, but it really is the definitive “bible” for weddings at Walt Disney World (some people call it the “passporter” from back when it was published by a different company). It is not very expensive and it really is worth every penny. Crucially, it is also updated for Disney’s frequent price changes (another reason simply knowing another couples’ final total might not help you much), and once you buy the e-book you can get any updates for free.

    The e-book is the single best tool for estimating the cost of *your* Disney wedding, not just seeing the cost of someone else’s. If you really do want to know people’s exact expenses, sometimes couples are more willing to share those nitty-gritty details on somewhat more private forums, like the Disney bride Facebook groups. Some people might here, too, but it can be a question people feel awkward talking about with strangers.
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    Jan 18, 2017
    Couldn’t agree more with the above poster! It’s so hard to go off of what other people paid, because so much of that is based on what location choices people made, what day of the week, etc. But you can AT MINIMUM count on at least $7,000 for Escape and $12,000 for Wishes. The Fairytale Weddings Guide is SO helpful and it really does help put so much into perspective as far as pricing goes.
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    Mar 16, 2011
    We paid $20k for 50 people in 2014. Italy/LSS/Uk DP, but those prices were before the mknimum spend change. I think when I calculated it later we would have been short of the f&b minimum.

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