How many people does a 2 Room Holiday Inn Kidsuite sleep?


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Jul 29, 2000
From the picture, it looks like it can sleep 6 but maybe not. It says it has a Queen Bed, Sleeper Sofa, Bunk Beds & Jr. Pullout Bed. We might be going with my MIL & 2 nephews in December & this would be pretty neat. There would be 6 of us so it would work out perfectly.

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Sep 25, 1999
I beleive you can put 7 people in a Kidsuite.

We stayed there for 10 days in December and really had fun (5 of us). It's nice, but not huge. Since three of you will be kids I think, it should be fine. The extra adult will want to sleep on the sofa sleeper (the extra bed in the kids room is very small). The separate rooms and 3 tvs make it comfortable. Plus all the other benefits (pools, games, free breakfast for all and free meals for kids, etc).

Have a great trip!


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Jul 24, 2000
Our HIFS kidsuite had a king size bed in the bedroom, a pull out double sofa bed in the living room, plus bunk beds and a pull out cot in the children's bedroom. It will sleep 7, and while not huge by any means, is very well planned.


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