How many cruisers have taken extra medical precautions (not Norwalk!)

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Jan 24, 2000
Reading some recent posts about malaria risks and having now read the CDC traveler's advisories for Mexico and the Caribbean, I am curious as to how many cruising DISers have done the malaria regime (prophylactic drug therapy in essence) for the Western cruise? What about drug therapy or other immunizations for some of the other diseases?
I always get a flu shot, but also got one for my DS(6) this year. Also I have made extra efforts explaining to DS the proper way to wash hands (30 sec) and how germs get from the ship into his body.

Other than that, I just keep my fingers crossed!
Malaria? CDC warnings on caribbean? Probably when I look down at the other threads I will find this but if not.. what is this?
The areas DCL visits are not currently at risk for malaria. <B><A><a href="" target="index">HERE</A></B> is the CDC Malaria Information for the Caribbean. Another page on their site states: <I>"Travelers to all areas of Haiti are at risk for malaria. Travelers to rural areas of the Dominican Republic, especially in the provinces bordering Haiti, are at risk for malaria. No risk in resorts in the Dominican Republic. The other Caribbean islands listed are not malaria-risk areas."</I>

Cozumel is <I>not</I> currently among the areas of Mexico with a malaria problem.

However - For all areas of Mexico, the CDC recommends being immunized for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Tetanus-Diptheria and Measles. Those exposed to wild or domestic animals are advised to get the Rabies vaccination series, and Typhoid vaccination if visiting developing countries. I am VERY glad that I've received all these and more, since I travel to Africa frequently. ;)

For the current health advisories for anywhere your vacation takes you, you should <I>always</I> check the CDC site, as well as consult your personal physician.
I bookmarked it to check before we go away next year. Always good to be informed! :)
Actually, it is better to go to the <B><a href="" target="index">CDC Travelers' Health page</A></B> and do a search for the particular countries and areas you will visit. The CDC frequently updates their advisories. The Caribbean page you bookmarked was for Malaria, but if you start at the main <B><a href="" target="index">CDC Travelers' Health page</A></B> you will be sure not to miss anything.
thanks, I deleted the other bookmark and added the new one. Great info to have!
If you go on the Tulum Ruins trip, you do fall into the categories of malaria risk on the CDC site (as I read it, and someone else pointed out in another thread). I was just curious if anyone had taken any action based on this (other than insect repellent!).


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