how does this trip budget look?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by amez, May 19, 2010.

  1. amez

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    Apr 26, 2004
    Please let me know if we are missing anything or if I have too much budgeted lol. Family of 5

    We're leaving in about a month. We'll be staying at a house we rented for 12 nights. We are planning on driving down over two days.

    House is rented and paid for--(can't change it, but we had planned another family to join us and so we paid about $1700--now we will empty beds because the family decided not to go)

    Universal Tix- got the $99 deal so $500
    Kids are each bringing money for their own souvenirs.

    What we need to pay for on the trip still:
    Parking at Universal $42-98 depending if we go 3 or more days-up to seven.
    Disney tix- have a GAD ticket for each person-will upgrade to a 5 day total $700 (about)
    parking $70
    We are driving 1200 miles over two days and we think gas plus a hotel will be
    $700-we're driving an suv and plan to spend $100 or less on a hotel (hopefully we can cut the hotel down, but we don't know where we are stopping yet)
    Last $1200 for food and any extra stuff--we plan to buy groceries when we get there and bring some stuff from home (it's a full size suv) We are planning to eat most counter service if we get hungry in the parks.

    Sorry for the long post-am I leaving out anything? Does it look realistic?
  2. Donaldswife

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    Oct 27, 2009
    You might want to add some money for souvenirs, and a few hundred $$ for an emergency fund. You never know when someone is going to get sick on a ride and need a new T-shirt! I might add a little bit more for the food budget as well. Those Mickey Bars and Rice Krispie treats can add up quickly with a family of five! :thumbsup2
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    Jan 20, 2008
    Have you checked into the Y.E.S program? It will save you money on your tickets...not sure if it's still open:confused3 I'd post a link but my puter is moving sssllllooowwwww today!!! Or the boards are??? Any way it's were the kids can take a class at DW and everyone in their party get a discount on their tickets. We saved enough that we up graded to park hoppers.:cool1:

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