How do you trip plan with multiple families?


Earning My Ears
Mar 17, 2017
Hello! I’m a veteran of doing the parks solo, but have taken on a new challenge. I’m planning a trip in August with my cousin, her two girls (they will be 6 and 8), and her mother-in-law. I know how to work MyDisney experience for myself, but how does it work when there are multiple families involved? Does one person need to make fast pass and dining reservations and just link everyone’s account, and if so does it have to be the person making room reservations? I will be splitting a room with my cousin, but if I want to get tickets with the room package can I do that separately, or does one person need to pay Disney and the other can pay them back? I want my cousin and her family to have a great time, and I would love any advice!


DIS Veteran
Aug 17, 2005
I cannot tell if you are booking one room or two, but this is how I plan when we have extended family. We do share space so we generally only book one or two rooms for us.

I book the rooms, use my DD as lead guest on room 2. I book a package because that usually works for us, and book depending on which discount is the best option. I have split discounts over two rooms, FD on one and room only on the other,

I link both rooms and both MDE accounts, my daughter's and mine. This works well because there are times when we want to dine in two different restaurants, or when we need two ADR's to accomodate all of us. I also book all FP for us, or my DD will. We tend to stay together for most attractions, but you can choose who to book for on each attraction.

I generally pay the trip and am reimbursed, however when friends have joined us they simply gave me their CC info, or I provided my MDE login to them.


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