How do you keep your pins from falling off?


DIS Veteran
Nov 3, 2003
Just purchased DD8 a lanyard starter kit with 4 pins. She also purchased another pin to place on the lanyard. The problem is her pins keet falling off. I ended up putting the lanyard in my backpack so she wouldn't loose any. Are there better, more secure backs that I can purchase for her? Thanks for any help. We are new to this.



DIS Veteran
Oct 13, 2003
They do have locking backs to purchase- Ive never used them but I know others do and like them

I keep mine on my lanyard in my backpack so if they fall off its okay :)



DIS Addict, but handln it
Jul 31, 2000
You can buy some of the mickey head shaped pin backs and these seem to work better than the original metal backs we got when we first started collecting. I think they all come with these now and some are tighter than others.


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Apr 22, 2003
Are the Mickey head pin backs really better than the little metal locking ones?

I just started a pin collection and I already lost one pin and almost lost another one. I thought it was because of the Mickey pin backs and was trying to find some of the locking pin backs, thinking they would hold better?

I have been putting my pins on a nylon Disney World tote bag that I take out with me occasionally. Maybe the nylon is too thick so they pins don't stay as well?

Is there any REALLY secure way to hold a pin?


DIS Veteran
Feb 22, 2000
The locking pin backs are your best bet. However, I would not use them for pins you are going to trade.

The rubber pin backs (Mickey heads or not) seem to hold the pins better than the metal backs. Having said that, the rubber backs can still come off when you least expect it.



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