How do you figure your food budget?


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Jan 9, 2001
We are a family of 4 and I am trying to figure our food budget.
I just wondered how you all figure it, and approximately how much did it cost you last time you went.
We are planning on one character meal each day and one other meal, probably at the food court at the all stars and then snacks throughout the day.
Just curious to how much you all spend.
Thanks :rolleyes:

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we budget $80-100 per day for 2 adults. this does not include character meals as they run $20-25 per person or HDD which costs us $125ish.
This amount covers us for breakfast or lunch, sitdown dinner and snacks and waters.

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We are also a family of four. I am budgeting $100
a day for food when we go in April. This is close to what we spent last January. We only like to spend the time on one Char. meal or sit-down dinner a day and this costs us around $60. We eat cereal in the morning, then have hot dogs or sometime skip dinner all together or just have Mickey bars, often we are so full we don't want to eat again! This covers our snacks too, and we usually go back to the room once and have drinks and snacks there. Have fun


Go to and look up the disney world contents index. You'll find a listing of MENUS which list prices for most of the restaurants.

We budget X number of dollars for food and then double it. Haven't run short on money yet!

We are a family of three, one adult two kids, and we usually budget $50 per day for food. We always eat breakfast in the room as we are not huge breakfast eaters. I decide what restaurants we want to visit and then check out for menus and prices. That provides a preliminary budget but we usually don't spend as much on food as we expect. We take snacks and have even skipped a few sit down meals for counter service because it was more convenient. Food ia a major budget concern but we have always had plenty and never felt like we skimped.

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We are planning for about $100.00 a day for 2 adults. Most breakfasts will be either in room with food we bring or a quick bite from snack bar. Lunch will probably be the "big" meal of the day...prices are less at sit down restaurants
then and then plan for lite supper or snack in the evenings.
I kept very careful track of all food on my last trip. We spent a total of $800 for 2 adults and 1 14 month old for 10 days. I kept track of groceries, meals and snacks. We ate in a couple of sit-down restaurants ($112 California Grill, $81 Flying Fish, $65 Biergarten), we had one character breakfast ($39 Cindy's), but we mostly ate off-site ($35 Jungle Jim's, $18 Sweet Tomatos, $40 Shells, $65 Ran Getsu of Tokyo).

YMMV :).

-- Robin

I see you are staying for 9 days---that's a lot of character meals!

We are a family of five (2 adults, 3 kids will be 7, 5, 3 in June). I budget $100 per day for the family, and a $150 shopping trip for breakfast things, snacks and drinks. We eat breakfast in the room (free), and carry lots of drinks and snacks. I'm the only one who ever buys a beverage, because I'm the only one who drinks soda---they all drink water or Capri Suns. Lunch is counter style (around $30---I get my soda with the kids meals, since they drink Capri Sun). Dinner is usually counter style, or an off-site restaurant ($30-50). We eat ice cream and popcorn every day ($20).

We don't mind counter style eating, and we don't do any "themed" restaurants (notice where I live!). We do one character meal per child (3) which they pick themselves.

By the end of our last trip in 1999, I had over $350 left over in my food envelopes.

Don't shortchange yourself by only eating extra meals at the food court. We did this on one trip and got pretty sick of it and we missed a lot of fun and visiting other resorts.

Check out the menus on Deb's web site and then seek out which places you would most like to visit. (The restaurants at the resorts are not be be taken lightly). Then just decide what on the menu might fit into your budget (even appetizers for your main course) and make P.S.'s. This will make your trip much more fun and magical. Believe me leaving your menu selection up to the food court will not leave you with an enjoyable experience.

Hey! This is my 200th post. :D
Average per day costs, per person:

Breakfast = $8.00
Lunch = $12.00
Dinner = $20.00

Total budgeted per day, per person = $40.00

Of course, you can spend more or you can spend less. Factor in the character breakfasts and "big splurges" you may have along the way too...

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We always budget $100 per day for 2 adults. This way, we don't have to worry about going over. And I tend to eat all day long. :rolleyes: Just can't help it. lol


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Our family of 4 (DH, myself, 7yo DS and 4yoDD) spent 10 days in November in WDW. Our total bill for food was $1104 including tips. Most days included 1 sit-down meal, 2 counter service meals and an afternoon snack such as ice cream or cookies. I guess some points to note are:

- we're not big drinkers, so DH and I only had 1 glass of wine each during our trip
- we only ordered dessert as part of a meal once or twice
- we each had a Brita filtered water bottle, and drank lots from that, but sometimes bought more water in the parks
- brought along packets of animal crackers for the children for a mid-morning snack for them (1 each per day) that aren't included in the food total
- 2 breakfasts were free (spent 2 nights at HIFS)
- 3 sit down breakfasts (Cinderella's Castle, 1900 Park Fare, Kona Cafe)
- 2 sit down lunches (Sci Fi, Coral Reef)
- 4 sit down dinners (Le Cellier, Yachtsman Steakhouse, Hollywood & Vine, Kona Cafe)
- when we ordered room service from the Poly (2 kids meals, 2 club sandwiches, 1 appetizer, 4 lemonades) the bill, with tip, came to an eye-popping $88, which would have been enough for a nice sit-down dinner somewhere, but we were all just too exhausted
- regular chocolate bars were $2.50 at Captain Cooks's (24 hr. snack bar at the Poly) - bit of a mark up there, I think

Hope this helps. Cheers,


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We are a family of 5 (myself, DH, and DS's who will be 9, 7, & 3) when we go t WDW in Oct. I plan where we really want to eat in each park character meals, theme rest., etc first. I then check the menus on to approximate the total cost for each meal. I then pad the budget to include some extra snacks. I am planning $150/day for our up-coming trip.

Our plan for the upcoming trip is to eat 2 meals a day - either breakfast and dinner, or lunch and dinner.

We have 11YO DD and 14YO DS - so a family of four.
I figure $80. for sit down meals. and another $40. a day for other - like ice cream, soda, popcorn, etc... So $50. per day per person.

This is hopefully high and I will not have to worry about going over. 12 days in Nov = $2400.00 YICKS I do not like to think about it!

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I don't want to sound like sourgrapes here but 9 Character meals? I think it would lose some of its flare after about 3. I think the last time we ate a character breakfast it was $65 for 4 people and that was some 4 -5 years ago. The meal was wonderful but I wanted to try to eat a warm muffin. Alot of interaction and picture taking made that impossible. Not to mention it was a very expensive muffin. We are a family of 4 and when we go we budget atleast $100 per day but we don't do all sit down meals and we don't eat breakfast out everyday. We like to get ready leisurely and have a bowl of cereal or a muffin while getting ready to start the race.
but the site makes it easier. Take a look at the menus & decide what types of food your family is interested in & prices. If its just to expensive you know up front & can skip it. We are budgeting $125 day for family of 3. Me, DH, & 6 yr DD.

That will give us a character or sit down nice meal per day $50-60, $30-$40 for lighter meal or counter service, & $25 day for snacks & mickey bars etc.

First off we are big eaters, do not pack snacks for park or water (to much of a hassle for us - although if we had many children & it would help get us their every year I'd pack them). We do drink soda, no alcohol. & Since this is our vacation will splurge on desserts occassionally.

I've budgeted $1000 for 8 days (will be less out of pocket since we've decided to go 1st class on amtrak - meals are included in that & I do reward programs & will probably earn $350 - $400 in GC & DD).

Good luck & good eating.


I applaud everyone would can live by a budget for food.

When we go, we just eat as we go. I don't get into too much planning on where I want to eat and when because I don't know what my family will be doing that day or time.

We just kinda wing it as we go.

Last year I made PS seating at three different places and never made one of them. Some were for dinner and I could not get there in time because my kids were still napping.

Sometimes I wish I had more of "a plan" for my vacations I think we could cover more ground. But I guess I just figure I'm on vacation and I take it as it comes. Because I know I will be coming back the following year.

Sometimes I think I am the only one that doesn't plan ahead.


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