How do you carry your cash. disney dollars tickets etc in the parks?


Nov 7, 2001
I am planning to use one of those passort holders you wear under your shirt around your neck for most of it and just keepinga small amount of cash very easy access in my pockets.

What do you normally do? I am so afriad of losing stuff its not even funny!
I check about three times to see that everything(passes, money) are still there each time I get one of them out. I keep everything in my fanny pack.
I keep a very small sports wallet in my fanny pack with my credit cards, drivers license, and cash/travelers checks that I am carry that day (the rest is in the wall safe back at the resort). I have a lanyard for around my neck that I pin a few Disney pins too... that also has a plastic card holder at the bottom - in that I carry my room key and my admission media (AP or park hopper) and a $10 bill. This is because I use these alot more frequently throughout the day and need to be able to pull them out quickly to purchase lunch, or to get a fastpass. I hated fumbling around in my fanny pack every time I wanted to get a fast pass. This makes it very easy. I don't carry much around in the parks - like to stay light and hands free.

Actually... mine is a hybrid! LOL! I have a regular pin trading lanyard that has a wide nylon strap for the lanyard and velcro connector. I then took the plastic card holder from a cast member lanyard and replaced the "pin trader" id on the original lanyard. Pin trading lanyards cost about $5 dollars and you can actually get plastic card holders at any Staples or Office Supply store. Just be sure it is sealed on three sides and has a hole to clip on to. I like the Pin Trading lanyard better - as the velcro is more secure than the connectors on the cast member lanyards. Since I have money - and money equivalents (my room card) - I want it SECURE but break away in case of an emergency (don't want to choke to death on space mountain or something!).

Good idea on the plastic card holder. And thanks for pointing out where to find one!! I'll be off to Office Max in the AM!

I also use a colored holder (different color for each person) to put our passes and room keys in. I got them at Claires and it looks like the plastic sleeves you would put pictures in for your wallet, except colored. These make it easy to find our passes when we need to get FP.
I only wear shorts/pants with back pockets that have a button. I put my room key, license, pass and money in my pocket. Everything else goes in my backpack.
I carried a small tote-style handbag. It wasn't too big to carry on the rides, not so small that I couldn't fit all I needed. I could even stand up two umbrellas in one of the two compartments, they stuck out the top, but they weren't in my way. Since we were far from home, and didn't want to go back to our room often, it worked out nicely.

When I go to parks near home, I usually put everything in a fanny pack. I only take necessities since we're closer to home.
I use a fanny pack. I keep my money, credit card, passes, etc. in it. They are small and you don't have to worry about things falling out on the rides.
When I checked into our resort using our American Express card I was given a really cool FREE fanny pack that had a white Mickey hand and read "The White Glove Treatment". I don't know if they still do that as our trip was a couple of years ago but it was very handy and we hadn't brought one!
Yes they still give you the fanny pack when you use your American Express. I got another one this past October. I have several of them in my closet. They are really nice and I have yet to have one tear up.
I wear a fanny pack - I have a selection of them - all three zip (one in back towards my body, a main compartment, and front zip).

I keep my room key, CCards and the majority of my money in the back pocket. My ticket (I have an annual pass, so it sees some abuse) in a plastic sleeve in the front pocket. The rest of my travelling loot (camera, film, lipgloss, little change bag, asthma inhaler (bummer), tiny bottle of antibacterial hand goo, pen, Listermint pocketpac, bandaids, barrette or clippies, and little packet of Advil & Dramamine (did you know you can take it AFTER you get nauseated?), OH, and a little roll of Tums) goes in the main section. Of course - anything I pick up along the way and anything that strikes my fancy as I leave the room might make it in as well. :o)

I am ordering a new fanny pack and a three zipper pouch from Wall City ( - they have some really cool stuff and I am sure I will post about how the new pack does.
Okay so I dont even own a fanny pack have ALWAYS hated them but maybe I will have to go get one *sigh* My only problem with using a fanny pack vs a backpack would be carrying the camera. I havent decided if I am just bringing my little basic camera or if I am taking my dad up on the offer to carry his nice nice camera. I think i will buzz to my samsonite outlet and see what options they have.
... that are great to use in theme parks. There are plenty of different ways to wear them.
They have several sizes of the waterproof canisters such as those that are sold at the waterparks, too. (We always opt for waterproof storage for the most important things; wet rides can do a number on a leather wallet and its contents.)

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