How crowded do you think itwill be 4/1-4/7?


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Apr 27, 2000
That is the week after Easter? We are in the planning stages and may be in the area! I really do not do well with crowds and we usually always go off season but DD is now in Kindergarten, I really don't want to pull her for 2 weeks. We are visiting my mom who lives about 2 hours from the parks


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May 11, 2000
Based on what I've seen during Thanksgiving and Christmas-NewYears, I'd have to venture that it will be pretty crowded Easter looks like the parks have extended hours for the week before Easter through the week after. That get crowds, but you also get the benefit of extended hours and all that the parks have to offer (as in, they open most or all of the attractions/restaurants that are closed during slower times. Get to the parks at opening and use the Express system...I thought it was pretty jammed on NYE and I didn't expect to do much, but we still managed to go on stuff without extreme waits!

I will say that the Orange county kids are on vacation March 15-22nd, so they'll be back in during that time...which should help some...maybe :rolleyes:

Go and have fun! :)