Hotels Outside Disney Property...What are some of the best rates you've had?


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Oct 27, 2000
Hi, our WDW trip for April is booked and paid for ~ I went all out this trip and am spending over $6000.00 CDN! I would like to go again in a couple years, but not spend as much. In April we are staying at CBR and have tons of character meals booked. I know that the next time we will probably spend most of our time at the beach and 2 or 3 days in Orlando doing parks. I will probably do groceries in Florida and make breakfast and lunch and only eat dinners out so we save $$$ on meals. I know there are great rates on Kissimmee hotels. Here's my questions (1) What is the best rate you've gotten on a hotel in Orlando/Kissimmee (2) What is the best rate you've gotten on hotels at the beach ~ Daytona Beach especially. THX

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Hampton Inn Maingate West (rate from this board) $50 nite-wonderful place.

Some got HIFam Suites on the buyone nite get one free that normally runs every Jan & Feb for Holiday Inn-I think they only did this for a while - limited the # of rooms they let go out on this.


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HIFS is 25 a night for me(airline rate)

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My best rates are trough Priceline using the $20 American Express bonus money. I paid $20 for the Wyndham Orlando (near Universal), $25 for the Sheraton World (near Sea World) and I'm paying $20 for the Courtyard by Marriott at Little Lake Bryan (near WDW).

-- Robin

Just wanted to add if you want to do beach, I think there are much nicer places than Daytona. DB is very commercial.
I am staying in Kissimmee for $33 per night. It is about 20 minuites from WDW.
You say there are much nicer places than DB -- WHERE do you recommend?


Where are you staying for $33 a night? I have been looking for a decent motel for 3 nights in Midmarch?
this year and paid $49.50 a night.

It is by Universal Studios and runs a free shuttle there, which is where we were spending more time this trip. (as I did 2 trips to DW last year!)

You get free breakfast buffet (with waffles, pancakes, etc), a frig, microwave & coffeemaker in our room, too.

Thought it was a pretty good deal!

Have a do da day!

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We like the Gator Motel $35 on 192.

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Back in the 70's, Hyatt built very close to disney property. My buddy has worked for the Hyatt the past 10 years. Not only does he get 3 free nights, but his employee rate is 64.50 a night. That is quite a deal for the Hyatt. I have never stayed on property. I am in the parks from 1/2 before opening to one hour after it closes. Why do people pay so much money when they are gone all the time? I really don't know.
My wake up call comes in at 6 or 630am. We are gone an hour late. We don't return until 10pm that night. So we maybe are in the room for 8-10 hours, max. We do not sit looking out the window for all that time. I just figure people have the money to burn, so go ahead. But as a single dad, most of my money, 35% goes to daycare anyway.
Unless you have access to a very special rate (Beverly $25) or use Priceline, any rate under $50 is a suspect property. I stayed in Knights Inn for $20 /night. A zero star property.
If you check specials throught this website and places like there a lot to chose from in the $70-$100 range. Another option is to rent a condo or vacation home.
I got the Hyatt Orlando for my upcoming trip for $42 per night. I have never stayed at this resort, but I know the location. It is just east of the 192 entrance to WDW. It should take about 10 minutes to the WDW parking lots from the time that we leave the hotel. Just shop around, and if you feel adventureous, give Priceline a shot. Just remember, you will not be able to decline a room that priceline finds for you.


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I paid $40 a night, through Priceline, for the Summerfield Suites-Lake Buena Vista. It's right outside of Downtown Disney. We loved it!
The Omni Rosen Center on International Drive is very nice. They have specials called Orlando Escape where , if available, the room will cost you $59 per night with a full breakfast buffet for two.
Try New Smyrna Beach (Oceania Plaza is a small, condo hotel right on the beach, which offers good value for your money) which is just south - maybe 20 miles -of Daytona, and is far less busy and commercialized. We really enjoyed the week we stayed there recently! :)
We just came back from a 13 night stay at marriot orlando world center for 58.00 a night through priceline. It is a four star and 10 min from WDW parking lot. Having said that...I do prefer staying on site but this was to good to pass up! I got the resses from priceline during the summer when priceline was giving out better deals. We had 2 connecting rooms at 58.00 for each room. Hope this helps!

Oceania Plaza has a website, and offers different rates for different times of the year - you can book a unit nightly, weekly or monthly. Our unit had two good sized bedrooms (one with two single beds, the master with a balcony facing the beach with a queen bed), two full bathrooms, and a spacious kitchen/dining/living area. There are many other condo/hotels in this area, and there is a Volusia County website with links to a number of them.

We're from Canada too, and staying here maximized our dollars after the real expense of staying and dining at WDW (we drove - and after all expenses were tallied, our trip totalled more than $7,000 Canadian!!!).

On the other hand, if I had another $7,000 available right now, I'd go in an instant!!
I stayed at ExtendedStay America across the street from the Universal entrance (and yes I mean so close you can walk) for about $40 a night. That was right before Christmas and not a discounted rate. Oh, and at the time, the weekly rate was $200. It's new, VERY nice, spacious & clean, and you get a recliner, desk, and FULL kitchen. This is a hotel, not a motel (room entrances on the inside of the building), which I like. They can be so cheap because they don't have an extravagant lobby, you don't get maid service every day (I like them to stay away anyway), and they only staff the office during certain hours. I've stayed at 4 different extended-stay-type hotels recently and LOVE the new trend.

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