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AF Brenda

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Sep 28, 2000
We are going to be driving to WDW from Washington D.C. in mid-March. We haven't made the trip since we moved here, and we are planning to go a little more than half way on the first day, in each direction. On the way, I'm looking at stopping in Santee, SC, and then stopping in Florence, SC on the way back. Are there any DISers familiar with these areas? I've booked rooms in each town already, but they can be changed. I'm hoping that someone can give me some info about whether or not they have stopped in these towns before, are the areas just off of I-95 OK, etc.

TIA for any info!
Brenda, we frequently stop inthe areas you mentioned. We like Hampton Inns. There is a nice one just off the I95 in Florence - I forget which exit. On our last trip - about a month ago - we got to Santee. The Hampton Inn was much higher than I was willing to pay. We had picked up the two hotel brochures at the SC Welcome Center & had a coupon for Clark's in Santee. We stayed there both down & back. I would recommend this motel. They have a restaurant in front of the motel. It is family run. The rooms were clean & we felt safe. We would stay there again.
I've never stayed in Santee (since I live 4 hours from there :D) but it looks like a nice place to stop. It's basically just an area that caters to interstate travelers, but there are several motels there, and they look well taken care of for the most part. I think they get a lot of people vacationing in Hilton Head and Savanna who don't want to pay for rooms in resort areas. Florance always seems kind of run down to me, but we don't travel on the interstate in Florance, so it may look completely different on that side of town.
Hi AFBrenda! We are back! The drive wasn't that bad. We did it straight thru on the way down. We left at 4pm, and checked in to Poly. at 5am. We made 9 stops. My DH slept til 1pm, while I layed in a coma watching the kids in the pool. On the way home we stopped @ 8 miles from the SC border in Georgia. We had traveled 3 hours further south after WDW. There was alot of construction in Jacksonville, so I would try and hit there at non rush hour.

Hi laurenk, I'm so glad you guys had a good time!! Thanks for the info on Jacksonville - I got stuck there coming back from St. Petersburg last summer, there was a 24 mile line of traffic northbound! I was hoping it might be done by now, but I think FL is always under construction! The drive down wasn't so bad? We are staying at HIFS the first night, so if we drive straight through, the kids will have stuff to do in the hotel. Hmmm...since I do most of the driving, going straight in might not be too bad on the way down.

Good to see you back!!


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