Hotels in Galveston--Harbor House--big yes; Moody Gardnes--big NO!

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    Feb 24, 2006
    I have seen several posts on here regarding things to do and places to stay in Galveston. I wanted to share my opinion since my stay at Moody Gardens last night.

    It was one of the worst hotel stays ever. Here is how the experience went: I prepaid on 1/20/13 for a package that included two queen beds in one room with a 2 day ticket to the attractions for the three of us. When I was checking in the employee told me that my rate was $200 more than the rate I had paid online. I had my receipt so I handed it to him. He still said he could not honor it. What? I prepaid and it is a receipt sent to me by your company! After almost an hour and four employees getting involved they agreed I was paid in full and they would honor the rate. Here is my review of our room: none of the plugs in the room worked; the rooms were not sound resistant at all and a child across the hall screamed all night; there was no hot water and the phone did not work. We also found a total of six items left in the room by previous guests which made me question how well it was cleaned. When it was time to check out I discovered they had charged me again and had charged the higher rate. After two hours of arguing I was told it did not matter that I have a receipt the charge would stick. He said he did not believe me and that I could dispute the charge but would lose. It then took 67 minutes for the valet to bring my car.

    In the attraction area: most exhibits were closed for repair, in the music room there was only one of the six exhibits working and the ride film was broken. The rainforest was okay but there were hardly any animals or butterflies in it. The employees are not helpful, gave poor directions, the maps are terrible and the service was very poor. The beach was closed because they opened the week of Spring Break. It is Spring Break!!! The name of the package I reserved is the Spring Break Family Package!!

    Next, we moved to the Harbor House and it has been amazing,

    Maybe others had a better experience, but I was not impressed with my stay at Moody Gardens at all!

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