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Mar 31, 2001
We have booked the Holiday Inn across fromUSF on May 11 and 12th(Fri&Sat) Any feedback about this hotel? We would reallly like to stay at HRH but have prepaid the Holidayinn at $170 for 2 nights. We would lose a $50 cancellation fee. Would it be worth our while to cancel, buy Entertainment book for $30 and book HRH for $129.00 for each night? Advice, Please, Thanks

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Oct 12, 1999
Although I would hate to pay something for nothing (cancellation fee), now that I have stayed at HRH and experienced its FOTL access, I would not stay anywhere else when going to USO. It makes the vacation so much better. I didn't feel the urge to rush and see everything to "get my money's worth". I got to see everything I wanted to while actually relaxing and really enjoying the parks. And isn't that what it is all about? :)


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Sep 7, 1999
This is just my Humble Opinion, but...

I think FOTL Access is priceless. I'll be making my 6th trip to Universal Orlando in May and I've found that May is a very busy month and this perk is worth the extra (or in your case, lost) money..

I had another res at the Dolphin for a suite. I took two days off of our week to book the Hard Rock. The suite at the Dolphin is awesome but FOTL is not guaranteed forever so I thought I might as well grab it before it's modified or disappears.

I know it's your decision to make but I think it's worth it. Let us know what you decide!


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Apr 20, 2000
FOTL access is worth trading...go for it, you will not regret it...The resorts are very, very nice! ENJOY your trip! ;)

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Feb 3, 2000
Can you make up the $50 difference some other way? Like can you work extra hours to make it up or cut down on some other expense? That way you won't feel like you lost out of $50. That's what I'd have to do to feel good about it!! :)

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Mar 21, 2001
Here's another vote for going for the HRH. I have always heard positive things about that Holiday Inn, but I think it is worth the $50 cancellation fee to really enjoy yourself while you are on vacation. The entertainment book will be of value all year round to you (make sure you buy the book for where you live)as it has excellent values for dinners, movies, car washes, you name it. Now that you are thinking about it, I think you will regret it when you are waiting in a 45 minute line for one ride, and see people just walking on with FOTL. I always figure for as much as I get to on vacation, I might as well do it right when I do (but that mentality also has me in debt!!!) From recently staying at the HRH, believe me you will not regret it!! I'm going again in May, and cannot wait!!

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