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May 26, 2001
My husband and I are thinking about arriving the day before our September 28,2002 cruise. Are there any hotels near the airport,as we will not be renting a car? If anyone has done this can you give me any info about how to book the hotel and where to go to get on the bus that goes to the port as we also purchased disney transfers.
The Disney Cruise Line Bus will meet you right outside of the entrance to the Hyatt which is located right in the Orlando Airport Terminal. We stayed the night before right in the Hyatt. I'm sure you could find cheaper options - read the threads on the great deals via Priceline and Hotwire for airport area hotels. But, since you are doing the DCL area transfers - I would recommend the Hyatt. There is so much to do at the airport and the Hyatt has a nice pool and eating establishments of their own as well as many eating places right in the Airport. You can even have the Hyatt arranged thru Disney Cruise and have it added right on to your package. When you get up in the AM - you will place all of your luggage (except carry ons) right outside of your hotel room door - it is picked up MAGICally from someone who the MOUSE assigns to do so - and it will reappear at your stateroom door on the Ship. This is a service that you will only get at the Hyatt.;)
We have gotten the airport Amerisuites for $33 via Hotwire and recently got the airport Rennaisance for $28 via Hotwire. We specify 2 star or up on Priceline as we want a hotel with a shuttle. We take Happy Limo to the port rather than rent a car, so that way we can just take the shuttle to the hotel the night before and have the towncar pick us up the next morning. Since 9/11, we always try to fly out the night before now, and Priceline & Hotwire have been GREAT for getting god deals.
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Go to a site such as or and search for hotels near the "MCO" airport. There are at least a dozen hotels within a mile of the airport and all of them have courtesy shuttles. But the Hyatt, as was previously mentioned, is wonderful and by far the most convenient.

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How far in advance would you reserve?

I'd find my best deal now and book it so I know I have something. Then about 3 days before leaving, I'd bid 60% of the price I'm paying on a 3-star within the airport zone on Priceline. If I get something... cool... I'll just cancel the existing ressie. If not... no big deal.


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