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  1. mandy99

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    Nov 1, 2007
    Hi all!
    Since its just over a month before we go back to DLRP I figured this is a decent enough time to post my pre-trip.

    Cast Members :lovestruc
    Me (Mandy) 29 – Disney addict – favourite character is Pluto pluto:
    DH (32) favourite character is Pinocchio.
    DS1 (Matthew) 3.5years old – favourite characters are Gaston, Ariel and any character that sings a song :) He doesnt know about this trip - we will be telling him when we arrive at the Airport.
    DS2 (Adam) 4.5 months old at the time of the trip – not quite aware of Disney yet but loves to hear his big brother say “Oh Toodles!” – makes him smile every time. :love:

    History and reason for this trip:
    We went to DLP in April this year when I was pregnant with DS2. We had a fantastic trip and DS1 still sits down with us and asks us to “chat about Disneyland.”
    The first morning of our trip last April it had been snowing all night and I remember thinking that we should come back at Xmastime as it was bound to be really magical. I really wanted to see Disney at Xmas so decided to do it this year. When I started to plan this trip the original plan was for DS1 and myself to go by ourselves for two nights, however DH didn’t want us to travel by ourselves so decided to come along and bring the baby with us. This is not exactly the carefree trip I had thought of as bringing the baby will be hard work, but I’m glad DH is coming as it’s so much more fun with him! (Plus it gives me an excuse to go next year with DS by ourselves...Halloween 2009 here we come!)
    So our trip has increased by two people. We also decided to go for the extra night and upgrade from Cheyenne to Sequoia Lodge (somehow when I was on the phone to Disney it became a sequoia lodge Montana room with lake view) :rotfl:
    We are also planning a long trip next May for four/five nights to celebrate my 30th birthday.

    Travel dates and travel plans:.

    We are flying out from Dublin Airport on 29th of November at 1.30pm with Aer Lingus. As we live in Galway (southern Ireland) we need to arrive at the airport at about 11ish to park the car and get into the airport. That means leaving the house at around 7am at least to make our flight! ARGH! We have booked BSTransports to pick us up at the airport.
    We fly home on the 2nd of December.

    UPDATED!!! Due to the threatened Aer Lingus strikes we are now flying from Shannon to Beauvais - our flight leaves at 12.30ish so we dont need to leave our house until 10am! (At least we bet a lie in now) :-)

    The plan and the meals:
    Saturday 29th November – Arrival day:
    Arrive at hotel, check in and try to get to the parks by 4pm. Watch the parade (if we arrive before then) or try to do DS1 favourite rides in fantasyland (Dumbo, Teacups, IASW) Food at 6pm at the lucky nugget, try to catch candlebration and then back to the hotel to relax as we are bound to be tired after all the travelling.

    Sunday 30th November - Disneyland park day:
    Breakfast at 7.30, then head into the park for EMH. Do fantasyland rides; explore the new Xmas decorations then make our way over to Discoveryland to do Buzz, Star Tours and a few other rides. Brunch at the steakhouse then back to the hotel to allow the kids to nap. After naptime go back to the park to see Santa, post our letters and then more rides. Watch the parade. Dinner at the Plaza Gardens at 6.30pm, then wander through the village for some shopping on our way back to the SL Hotel.

    Monday 1st December - Disney studios day:
    Breakfast at 7.30am again then head to the Disneyland park for EMH. Then off to the Disney studios to do some rides, wander around in general etc. Try to meet Mickey at 10am in the studios. Some shopping then lunch at Rendezvous des stars before naptime at the hotel again. The afternoon depends on what DS1 wants to do but we will probably go back into the park for more rides. Try to catch the characters at the disneyland hotel at 4pm. Then we will go through the village on our way back to the hotel for dinner which will be in Beaver Creek at 7pm.

    Updated- we are now doing the Toy Story Tea Party at 5pm instead of a later meal! DS1 will be delighted! We are also doing Cafe Mickey today instead of tomorrow due to leaving earlier.

    Tuesday 2nd December (Last day):
    Go into the park for EMH before our Cafe Mickey breakfast at 9.30am. The try to get our favourite rides in before going back to the hotel to pick up our bags and wait for the vea coach to the airport. We fly out at 4.45pm so will probably catch the VEA at around 1.30ish. We’ll try and buy sandwiches from the Disney village to eat in the airport. Then the long trek back home-probably chatting all the time about our trip, and planning our next one :dance3: :woohoo:

    Updated - We now fly home at 1.30 so should be leaving to get to the airport at around 10.30 - straight after breakfast! So we are now doing Cafe Mickey on the Monday instead
    Aims for the trip:
    *See Santa and get a picture of him with the boys :santa:
    *Go shopping in the Xmas markets in the village
    *Try to meet some characters – especially Belle and the Beast, Mickey and Pluto (the last two should be achievable after one character diner and one character breakfast )::MickeyMo pluto:
    *Catch the character dance and singalong in the disneyland hotel at least one day
    *Stay sane – travelling with a 4 month old baby might make this one impossible :lmao:

    Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing this! One month to go!:banana:
  2. gemmybear83

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    Dec 13, 2007
    Fab pre-trippie Mandy, might see you there!:goodvibes
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  4. Anne64

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    Aug 11, 2008
    Sounds great - won't be long till you're off to the pixiedust:
  5. mandy99

    mandy99 Mouseketeer

    Nov 1, 2007
    Updated - we are now travelling with Ryanair into Beauvais due to the threatened Aer Lingus strikes - I couldnt risk missing my DLRP fix! :laughing:
  6. Cyrano

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    Oct 23, 2004
    Glad that you have sorted out alternative travel :goodvibes
  7. tennisfan

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    Jul 15, 2004
    Sounds like its going to be a great trip:thumbsup2

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