Honeymoon - Day 4

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    May 1, 2002
    Cast: Me, Kathy, the new wife, 33
    Glen, my new hubby, 29
    Thursday, September 12, 2002

    At last a day to sleep in a little! The phone woke us up at 9am. Our breakfast was some cold pizza from supper the night before with a shot of coffee in the refillable mugs!
    We pulled on our bathing suits with a pair of shorts and t-shirts overtop, grabbed our towels and ran for the Blizzard Beach bus in front of Melody Hall!
    This was the only day on our trip that was a little on the cool side. It was cloudy and barely warm enough for swimming.
    We were a little disappointed in the size of the water parks. We expected them to be as large as the park at West Edmonton Mall in Canada. The slides they did have were great! We did do all of them over and over! We both loved the sled rides.
    I wasn't overly impressed with the biggest ones as I got such a wedgie from them!!
    Love that chair lift!
    We did stop for lunch and ate some bagels we had brought in along with some yummy mini-donuts with caramel dipping sauce!!
    By 2:30 we were ready to head back to the ASMu. So far we had been very impressed with the Disney transportation system. We walked out of Blizzard Beach and their was our bus!
    We rested in the hotel room for awhile as it was raining when we got back. I guess we had left Blizzard Beach at a good time!
    At 5:30 we got cleaned up and took the bus to Downtown Disney. We got caught in a really heavy downpour without our ponchos or umbrella and dashed into the store at Rainforest Cafe. A CM came up and asked if we just waiting out the storm. We told him that yes we were waiting for it to ease up so we could get to Planet Hollywood without getting drenched. He told us to wait a minute and came back with.... an umbrella. Claims it had been left in the lost and found for a month and that we should take it so we could carry on with our evening. Talk about Disney magic!! We thanked him profusely and went on our merry way!
    We ate at Planet Hollywood using a $5 gift certificate from Birbaum's. We loved the food. I had fahitas and I forget what Glen had. We shared a skor cake (at least I think it was - it ws some candy bar and was REALLY good!). I just remember that meal was awesome! It was the first time either of us had been to Planet Hollywood. Glen is a real movie buff and wandered around looking awestruck at everything.
    From there we headed over to Pleasure Island. We walked into the 80's club first. We came out and noticed that the next show of the comedy club would be in 20 minutes so we went to line up. My feet were killing me! I had worn my wedding sandals and they were evil! The improv stuff was great. We were near the stage. Seated next to us was a Florida native who was telling us how he comes to this particular show like 5 times a week! He said he's done all 5 shows on Saturday before! It's his fav place. We didn't like it quite that much...
    We headed out and went into most of the other clubs to check them out. Went back to the 80's club at 10:30 to meet Matthew and Brandi (Scarlett) from the Disboards. We headed over to Adventures Club at their suggestion! It was great! A lot of fun! Took a break out to see the midnight fireworks and went back in for another bit in the Adventures Club.
    Decided to head back to the ASMu about 12:30. Brandi and Matthew thankfully offered us a lift as they had driven over. We were all staying at the ASMu. Had a chat outside their hotel room and than Glen and I headed back to our room to hit the hay at 1:30! Exhausted but happy!

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    Mar 25, 2000
    A long but fun day with Dis'ers included - thanks for posting!
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    Feb 3, 2001
    I've never been to a WDW water park - I must try one on a fututre trip!

    I haven't been to PI in a while, and really appreciate the details, as I plan on dragging DH there in December!

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