Home sick again...


<font color=green>And how are YOU feeling?<br><fon
Sep 22, 2000
and I've made a decision. I'm going to bite the bullet and make an appt with the rheumatologist that my cardio. goes to at the Hosp for Joint Diseases in NYC. He's out of network, so I'll have to pay upfront but this is crazy. I need someone who will really want to find out what is wrong with me.
Gentle {{{HUGS}}} and PD that you feel better soon.
Sorry you are not feeling well :(

You absolutely should go to see someone who can give you some answers.

Hope you feel better soon. :D

I thought you were home-sick, not home sick. Now I get it! I hope the new doc can make you feel better. Sometimes it's worth the extra money to get someone to listen and do something. That's where I am at with my health. And, I feel much better once I decided the money wasn't the issue. Prayers and pd continue from out west. Keep us posted, k?


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