Hispanic Room Only???


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Jan 1, 2001
I got my $49 per night confirmation it says Package Type: 6 Night Hispanic Room Only

I knew the code came from an Hispanic magazine, but are the honestly going to deny our family a room a discounted-room at WDW because we're not full-blooded Hispanic?


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There are many non-Hispanics who read Spanish magazines and newspapers. I would say a good portion of So Florida read Spanish but are not Hispanic.

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Oooh, Disney is asking for legal trouble on that one. It suggests that only a certain type of accommodations are being provided based on ethnicity. Certainly illegal.
I'm guessing that the "hispanic" part of that is to identify the discount, and the "room only" part is because your passes, etc. are not included. I don't think it means "hispanic only".

At least, I hope not!

I assumed it meant, "Hispanic, room only" as it was a rate for just the room (no package) & it was advertised in an hispanic publication.

My $49 special rate had a weird long name too - fall april/may direct mail value rate or something.

It seems like they can't use commas in the rate name field!
Gillian I agree I received my confirmation and it said 4 night value direct mail april/may (fall rates)???????????? Talk about confusing when are april and may considered fall months?????? I called just to verify the CM said that should have just said" Fall Value Rate",( some sort of typo in their computer). Anyway she assured me as long as we have the written confirmation all was good. Hope this will help any with Fall code worries.

I also got my confirmation and it said "Hispanic Rate". I know this was from a Hispanic paper and that would be the only reason it is identified this way. If you think about it how would they know if you are Hispanic or not.Lots of people have one parent from one race or another. I know a few Hispanic people at work who can't speak Spanish. They are not going to try to generalize people like that at check in. I heard the CM mention something about a Hispanic newspaper but she told me more than once that there were no restictions. Have a great trip!
My confirm. also mentioned direct mail value April May fall rate. Do any of you that have this on their confirm have a postcard? The CM booked me with this code. I never said I had a postcard. I've called and recalled and everyone says that I'm all set, that I don't need to show anything. 1 CM did tell me that the CM who I reserved with shouldn't have booked me under that code where I didn't get a postcard in the mail, but that I'm ok and won't be hassled at checkin. Is everyone comfortable with the reassurances or do you think it will be a hassle
I also got the "Direct Mail April/May (Fall Rates)" confirmation. I just called and verified for the 4th time. The CM put me on hold and came back and said ABSOLUTELY no restrictions, and NO POSTCARD needed. Hopes this helps everyone's nerves. See ya in September @ WDW!!!!!


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I was also told that there were no restrictions for this discount. I asked because the CM mentioned the rate was asked for several times that day. There are no restrictions because that would be illegal. I am quite the Irish girl, dark brown hair and blue eyes. I asked to make sure and she assured me it was fine. I hope so because I am very happy with my rate and I am now happily looking for Airfare bargains.
After receiving my confirmation with that May/April Fall rate and calling to confirm I'm not going to worry about it anymore there are no special instructions on my confirmation sheet and they accepted my payment (which I just faxed to them to beat the deadline) So I figure if I have it in writing it's as good as gold!! Have fun everyone!!!!!!!


I got my confirmation yesterday and it also said Hispanic room only. I had reservations at the ASMU and we really wanted ASMO. My DH and oldest DS did not get to go with us last year and had not stayed at the movies resort yet.

When I called and asked about this being on the reservation she stated they just had to put that in to get the rate. I was not worried either way. It still is a room. I just thought maybe all of the literature in the room might be in spanish and I do not speak spanish. She also checked and got us at the ASMO. 9/30-10/6. I am so excited My DH, DS 15, DS 4 my sister-in-law and in-laws. This will be my in-laws first trip anywhere. So it should be a blast!!! I hope to see some of you there.

By the way this was actually the 4th time I had called about availability at the Movies and it finally worked. So it always helps to keep trying!! It just depends on who you get on the phone.

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