Hilton Suites Anaheim/Orange?


Mar 4, 2001
I'm going to stay at the Hilton Suites in Anaheim/Orange in May and want to know if anyone has any info on the place. I looked at the website and it looked nice and I thought it included a complmentary breakfast but I wasn't sure. They say they have shuttles, but I wonder how often they run.

Also, we plan on going to DL on a Saturday, May 5th, how busy? We might go again on Monday the 7th, but not sure yet. My hubby can only go on the 5th and then I might go just with my in laws on the 7th.


It might be busy May 5th because it is Cinqo de Mayo a big holiday in Los Angeles due to it's large hispanic population. May 7th will definetely be less crowded.

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I just got back from a 2-night stay there and loved the place. The shuttles run every hour at the 15 minute mark. It is about a 8 minute drive right to the front of the Disneyland Ticket booths. They run about an hour after the latest park's closing time and about 2-hours before the park closes the shuttles run every 30 minutes.

The rooms where nice and spacious. The hotel is very clean. The best thing about it is that they provide a free full breakfast with eggs to order, bacon, sausage, the works for all their guests right before they head off to the park.

I loved the place and highly recommend it.
Thanks for the report! I'm looking forward to staying there in a couple of weeks. I got it for $25 per night on Priceline. Our tickets include free parking, so we'll be driving to DL and not taking the bus. We will be eating that made-to-order breakfast, though!

-- Robin

Thanks for the info. The place sounds fabulous!

Off the record question...

If the park opens at 10am, what time do the shuttles start? Do they drop you off a bit early because I hear that the park opens earlier than it normally states, but if I am waiting for the shuttle...

Also, Robin how did you get free parking? What did you buy?

The morning shuttles were running an hour before the park opens (ex: if the park opened at 9 am the earliest shuttle was 8:15 am) and the last shuttle ran an hour after closing.

The only disadvantage I saw in this, is that your time at Downtown Disney is cut short if you wanted to see the place after the parks. Very convenient though and you save on parking. The hotel is located right off of I-5 South only 10 minutes from the parks.

The breakfast was great too because everything you could possibly want for breakfast is included with your stay. Cold cereal, milk, juice, pankcakes, french toast, fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, etc. I made a point to tip the chef and busboys since the free breakfast was such a money saver.

I also got this hotel through priceline and was very pleased. The only negative is that you are not within walking distance from the parks so you're away from the action and excitement of the hotels and restaurants surrounding the area. That could be a plus in alot of people's eyes though.


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