Hilton Head Rooms?


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Aug 26, 1999
Has anyone any suggestions as to what rooms would be good to stay in at Hilton Head? We've booked a 1 bedroomed apartment for 5 nights for March. Last time we stayed in Live Oak lodge - what does everyone else suggest. We wondered if a room overlooking Broad Creek would be nice - anyone know what room numbers these would be?

Thanks for any help you might have.

Hi JJ, I think that all the one bedrooms are in the lodge, that was what I was told when I asked in November
All of the 1 bedrooms at HH are lockoffs and there is a group of them next to the Live Oak Lodge with some marsh views (our view was partially blocked by the trees). They are all handicap accessible via a connection to the lodge. We stayed in building 12 in Jun '00. I know there is another one in the same building as the model GV, which is down by the pool. I think that is bldg 28.
In addition to the 21 1BR's (and studios) in the lodge, there are 5 others located beneath the GV's. (one 1BR and studio under each GV.)

Rather than request a specific room, I'd suggest asking for a certain view or floor. If you get too specific, it's very easy to NOT get a request at all.

So, what kind of views / floor should I ask for? We're planning to go in May, with 4 adults, for a 1 bedroom.

1BR views consist of marsh view or island view. The marsh view may yield a glimpse of dolphin feeding in Broad Creek or otter swimming (or you can go for a stroll at the bank of the creek for the same opportunities). The island views offer a glimpse of the wooded interior of the resort area. Both are nice.

Floor is also a personal choice. We've stayed on all floors without any complaint. In the lodge, all floors are accessible by elevator. In the other buildings, the 1BR's are all on the 1st floor (there are no ground level rooms, all are up 1 flight of steps.)


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