High Car Rental Rates 6/27 - 7/3


Sep 2, 1999
I tried Avis, Dollar, L&M and National and they all pretty much come out the same. Around $200 w/tax etc. YIPES!
Yep, they are all pretty high. Our luxury car is around $500 for 8 days. I've heard that car rental prices stay high from December till August, then go down. I guess we just waited to long to book them. Keep looking for codes, there will probably be some kind of special.

We have a full size car, EA, booked with National for 8 days the week of July 4th, and we are paying $163 including all taxes. Did you use the DC discount of 20%, and there are several EC coupons out, we used one for $20 off a weekly rental. I did book the car back on January 2nd, so maybe rates were lower then. I usually book around September for the following year, as the rates are the lowest then. Try using some of the above mentioned discounts, and see if the rate is any better!:)

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cindala, I got a $94 discount with the DC Contract ID, but the coupon isn't good for a luxury car. We paid about $575 for the luxury on our NYE trip! Luxury Cars are so expensive! I'm beginning to wonder if the luxury cars are really worth it! (okay, I went thru this on our last trip, debated between 2 full sizes or paying more for 1 luxury - I want that Cadillac! I'll try until I actually get one, ended up with a Buick on the last trip!)
DC stands for the Disney Club. If you are a member, you may access the information about car rental discounts on the Disney Club website.

EC stands for the Entertainment Book Club. There are several coupons for National, Avis, and Hertz in the book, discounting either a day off a weekend rental, or a certain dollar amount discount.


Are you talking about the DC coupon not being good for luxury models? I'll check my EC coupons when I get home and see if they limit luxury. If not, I have an extra you are welcome to.:)

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cindala, the coupon that I have says valid for compact through full-size 4 door categories. I went to National and tried putting it in and it says "coupon not valid for selected car class," however it gave me a discount (around $30) for Premium or Mini-Van!

Is the $30 off in addition to the DC discount?

If not, I checked my National coupon, and it is good for intermediate or higher car class, minimum 5 day stay. This is for $15 off weekly rental. (I'm using the $20 one.:D ) I found the best price came from using the DC contract number and the EC coupon number.

I'll send a PM with details.

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I'm guessing supply & demand come into play on car rental rates??? Because if that's the case I know a BIG group of people are coming to WDW the end of June (us included!) so there may be a lot of rental cars already reserved around that time. The date for this group is June 25-29. I'm trying to get a car with a decent rate myself and finding it impossible!!!


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