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Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by Princess Dot, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. Princess Dot

    Princess Dot <font color=green>Cried at the end of "Brother Bea

    Nov 12, 1999
    I'm sure this has been asked many times but I am trying to decide on what to request in terms of room location here.

    I usually ask for a high floor and end room at most hotels, but I am worried that this would place us too far from the lobby.

    So. here are my criteria and I hope some HIFS vets can give their opinion:
    -somewhat quiet location ( for napping/early to bed baby)
    -not far from lobby and pool but not so close that we will hear the pool all night.
    -not sure whether to ask for high floor or ground floor. We will have a car and a stroller. Is it easier to be near the parking lot on the ground floor so you can just "wheel" in? Are there elevators in every building?
    - How is the noise level from the rooms above and next to you? What about foot traffic in front of the room? That is why I was thinking and end room would be better.

    I know I am probably putting way too much thought into this, but I love to plan!! Can't wait to read your thoughts!
  2. taylor1293

    taylor1293 Do you want to build a snowman?

    May 3, 2002
    If you want quiet, I'd recommend requesting a non-pool view room.

    Any of the ones that face the parking lot should be fine.

    We were in building 14 this last trip and found it to be very close to the lobby and pool.

    As for noise, we heard none from our neighbors and none from the parking lot. We had a first floor room (which I requested) and it was very nice to be able to park right outside our door.

    Hope that helps

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  4. debbie655

    debbie655 Guest

    I'm trying to remember here, I think bldg 6, 7 and 8 would be closest to the lobby? I also agree with taylor1293 that if you want quiet you should request a room facing the parking lot. There are also some rooms along the pathway to the lobby I think.

    I've always requested a poolview room and don't recall ever being bothered by noise either from neighbors or the pool. Then again I am from NYC so may just be immune to it. We've stayed on ground level and upper levels and the ground level imo is more convenient. You will hear the occasional kids/families walking by your room, for me this wasn't a problem.

    I also wanted to mention that if your baby is going to be sleeping in the room with the bunk beds, that is set back a bit and I doubt she/he will be disturbed by any noise.
  5. toystorymom

    toystorymom DIS Veteran

    Mar 21, 2002
    We stayed in a 1st floor room facing the parking lot. When we checked in they asked us if we wanted a pool view for $10 more per night. I had worked so hard to find a good rate I just didn't want to add to it!

    Anyway, I think with kids and a stroller, being on the 1st floor was great. We parked our car right outside the room and it was very convenient. We did hear some noise (nothing that would keep anyone awake) from the room next to us but none at all from above and minimal noise from people outside walking by. As mentioned, the kids room is set back and will more or less be immune to any noise. One thing, we were in building 12 and it got to be a LONG walk back and forth to the lobby. It wasn't bad the first day, but after several trips a day for a week with 3 small kids...:rolleyes: You definitely want to be close to the main building.

    Hope that helps, it's a great place to stay.
  6. ckj

    ckj <font color=993300>They took a polaroid pic while

    Oct 24, 2002
    Just back, was there last week. We were in building 6, first floor, facing the pond (non-pool view) behind the main building.
    The walk from the lobby area was not far, building 7 was closer and the parking was closer.
    No noise at all from above or the side rooms. We couldn't hear any noise from the pool either.
    Seemed to be a very nice resort for families, lots of catering to the kiddies. The Breakfast buffet was good, pretty much the same spread everyday.
    Have a great trip!
  7. Princess Dot

    Princess Dot <font color=green>Cried at the end of "Brother Bea

    Nov 12, 1999
    Thanks for the replies! I have a feeling that I might need to actually see the place myself before deciding on a room location. This has happened to be before, where I've made a request and then changed my mind once I saw the layout of the hotel.

    Thanks again for all the input! I love hearing from those that have recently stayed here. I remember seeing it being built one year when we stayed across the street at MOWC and thinking that it looked like a nice place. And I know the location is great.
    Looking forward to a great trip!

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