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  1. bausemer

    bausemer Earning My Ears

    Aug 31, 2003
    My family and I had decided after spending six nights onsite at Disney that we would stay three nights off site before staying onsite at Universal Studios. After reading alot of positive reviews we decided to stay at the Hilton Grand Vacation Club Sea World Resort. We arrived at 2pm to check in. We were told that our room that I had requested wasn't ready yet. I had asked for non-smoking and a high floor in either the somerset,hamilton or st.george building. We had booked a 2bedroom unit since we had five people. We came back to the front desk around 3:45pm and were told that one of the rooms was ready but the studio wasn't. Apparently its not a true two bedroom unit. They have a one bedroom unit with a connecting studio. The studio wasn't ready. So we went up to the one bedroom and waited. In the meantime I was able to unpack. After unpacking we called again. Since its now 5pm. We were told a 2nd time that the room was being cleaned. We happened to notice when the room was opened that the previous person that had been staying in the room had left all of his belongings. So we called again to talk to the manager to see what was going on. Apparently that person never really checked out but was supposed to have left that morning. The resort policy is not to touch his stuff untili they talked to him. So that meant we would have to move to another building/unit or wait til they reached him. After another hour they were able to reache him and we finally were able to get the studio at 8pm that night. For that problem the manager offered a small $50 credit and gave us a cheap bottle of wine and champain. During the course of three nights the washer/dryer unit had to be replaced because it took over nine hours to dry one load of laundry. The a/c unit didn't work rite so they had to replace some filters on it. The kitchen was missing a coffee maker and I had to call up to get one. I was told at first that they were all out then five minutes later someone delivers one. Multiple light bulbs had been burnt out we had to call to have them replaced. The bathroom toilets didn't flush correctly so anything would cause them to become blocked. The morning that we left the bathroom towel rack fell off of the wall. We literally had to call and have someone from Maintenance come twice a day. For these problems we were given a credit of one nights stay. I would never recommend anyone to stay at this resort. If you want to spend all your time having things fixed then this is the place to be. This was suppposed to be a three night break to relax and all we ended up doing is having things fixed. For the money the Marriot Grand Vista is a better option. :guilty:
    Now my impression was that this was a new restort. I checked the building permit which is located by the front door of the unit and these buildings were built in 2000. I am not sure if Hilton bought this property from someone else or if this is when the resort was built. :guilty:
  2. Scottish-Helen

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    Oct 1, 2002
    Sorry to hear about your bad experience although I think you were unlucky rather than this being the norm. We stayed at this resort in May and found it to be great we had no problems with the quality of our apartment. We also had the 2 bedroom apartment which was a 1 bedroom with a connecting door to the studio which suited us fine as we were with my parents.
  3. ruadisneyfan2

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    May 20, 2006
    We'll be staying here in Sept. I hope it will be ok. We own a week at Summer Bay but found an "extra vacation" week through RCI for a great price. We also will have a 2 br but our children are 9 and 6. Will that put them in a separate unit? I wonder if they have any true 2 brs? :confused3
    BTW, I will post our impression when we get back!
  4. Grumpy23

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    Mar 11, 2006
    Wow, I am also sorry you had an unfortunate stay. We also stayed here at the end of April/beginning of May of this year for 11 days and had a wonderful stay, and we were in the oldest building. They had originally put us in one of the newer buildings but we wanted to be closer to the pool and activity area so they moved us and we had no complaints. The room was clean, ready for us on time and the only time we had to call maintenance was because the cable modem in our room was not working when we first checked in. Other than that, we had prompt maid service, and no other issues. I guess it just depends on which room you get at the time that may need attention more than other rooms. :confused3

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