Sep 27, 2018
My middle daughter "finally" came out to us this past February - She's 12. I say finally because I've known since she was about 3 LOL She's an amazing kid! I homeschool her so she can dedicate her days to training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She's such a fighter, and has such an amazing heart!!

It makes me so happy that Disney has so much rainbow merchandise now. I love everything rainbow, and it makes me happy to support my daughter and everyone else brave enough to come out, or trying to find the courage to come out!

Unfortunately we won't be in Disney during Gay Days (Not really unfortunately, Its to damn hot in June!!) but this Sunday I'm taking her to the gay pride parade/festival in Asbury Park, NJ!

So anyway... No real point to my post LOL other than to say Hey! And keep on being your fabulous selves!!
This is my amazing daughter below - Sorry its sideways - In her gay pride parade outfit. I wondering if we should pack it for our Disney vacation in October.... LOL


Chupaca bruh

Earning My Ears
May 20, 2019
That is great that you let her go at her own speed and you are completely supportive. Too bad you can’t do gay days but Pride parades can be really fun! You can go to gay days sometime and brave the heat. Just go out in the morning and evenings.

  • Luxurious_Lumiere

    Oct 6, 2017
    It's so wonderful to see a supportive mother! Your daughter is a lucky one to have you =)

    I would absolutely pack her outfit for your next Disney trip! It's amazing!

    I'm a New Yorker, and may have to join you for that Asbury Park Pride. I'm worried I won't be able to get around with the influx of people into Manhattan for World Pride this year lol. But what a great memory for her, as her first Pride will be the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall riots! There's going to be lots of joy in the air. I hope you both have a fabulous time.

    Note: If she does end up wanting to go to another Pride celebration, and you think the Pride March in Manhattan is too much (there will be several million additional people this year since its the 50th anniversary and NYC is hosting World Pride. oof.), other boroughs do have separate celebrations. You could bring her to Brooklyn Pride or Queens Pride which would be much more manageable.

    Chuck S

    DVC Co-Moderator
    Feb 6, 2000
    Love it. My only concern with wearing the dress in the park is that it could snag on something while boarding or exiting a ride. Netting and tulle snag easily.
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