Hey Kel..love your book!

Debra Dubord

Earning My Ears
Apr 3, 2001
I don't know if you are still online but I finished your book and wanted to tell you what I like best about it. I love how you mention photo ops and where they can be found. I can go through 20 rolls of film for a four day tour of a theme park!
MY personal fave:

A Day In the Park with Barney, for toddlers and their long-suffering parents..


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just got my copy in the mail today.....surprise, surprise!!!!! website said allow 4 weeks for delivery. it only took 4 days. gonna have something good to read tonite.......yippie!!!!

as sports 9/99
hrh 6/01
as movies 9/01
Aw shucks!

It's nice to know that people are enjoying my little jokes. It's the reason I started my own publishing company -- no big publisher would let me get away with some of that stuff.

Kelly Monaghan
Author of "Universal Orlando: The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Theme Park Adventure" and
"The Other Orlando: What To Do When You've Done Disney & Universal"
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Mahalo Kelly,

I got both your books as soon as they were available and recommend them to everyone. :)

Because of your reviews in The Other Orlando, we went to Seaworld and Gatorland last month. I crammed the night before Seaworld and had notes on what we just had to do. It was terrific. :D

I wanted to go to Cypress Gardens, but was not able to do that or Busch Gardens. Maybe someday... :cool:

Gatorland read better than it toured. ;) (BTW the drink in the kid's meal is a free refill cup throughout the park)

Most important, I totally relied on your reviews of places to eat and you were absolutely right. Wish I had had paid more attention and taken notes before dining on City Walk. I missed out on some good meals. Next time. :rolleyes:



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